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Revamps, Revamps, Revamps and SURPRISE!!!!!

Dhragen here again, yay!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, you already know that i am a extremly exagerated perfectionist in almost….well…EVERYTHING. So!…in all the time when Stack Smash was down i made NO TEXTURES!!! but, instead, i bring to you REVAMPS!! V3 revamp of 4 of my costumes, so, lest’s move to them…….

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A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic…

K, the following are SPOILERS, so remmember, you are all advised, SO NO COMPLAIN!!! i just want to write shit, O_รณ

“All started in the Land of Espers years ago, when a woman with the name of Madeline arrived to that place by unknown reasons with several injuries on her body, but hopeful one of the Espers, Maduin, took care and healed her.”

“The other Espers started to act like racist with Madeline and they dissaprove about her, and she after hearing that, decided to go away by her own, but Maduin changed her mind and both falled in love between themselves, created a weird way of sex involving retarded spins, and from that love they got together a baby, an hybrid half-human, half-esper, and they named her Terra….”

“but after two years of exciting happiness and spin sex, Gestahl and his minions seized the Land of Koridai the Espers, capturing too many Espers with his Pokรฉmons Soldiers, and he ends raizing Terra like a weapon machine, taking advantage of her abilities to raise even more his Empire. ”

“Oh And with the espers Gestahl created Metal Gears, end of story….”


And now Terra Branford, the fated hybrid, old but hot, ends making it in Brawl just like kefka to kick his butt, and just like in Final Fantasy VI/Dissidia, she can use his powerful and useful magic, and she even turn into her mighty Esper form!!!!………well, with less hair, but who cares??? ๐Ÿ˜›

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Oh lol, missed me????? :P

Wow, about time I updated a texture! But this isn’t exactly a “texture”, so this doesn’t exactly count…or does it? Well, anyways, I made this update to announce that I am fully back, and when I mean “fully” I mean my computer, my Photoshop and my body function properly, YAY!!!

That’s right, I am back to texture action, allowing me to keep making my textures and my falcon series, but let’s leave that to another day, k? Right now I don’t have anything prepared to show to you guys, but I’m preparing them for a cople of days, so be prepared, :P.

But that means another update of me without textures??? WRONG!! Because yesterday, while I was visiting Kitty Corp forums, I found a great tool called “GWitizer” made by picano (that you can find here) to change all of Mr. Game & Watch’s costumes’ colors individually, including the outline and the attacks, A DREAM THAT COME TRUE!!!! So I told myself “Ok, let’s try out this toy”, and I made my favorite customs for G&W, changing all the recolors (except the default one), and finally making CSP and Battle portraits for all of them, DOESN’T THAT SOUND AWESOME???!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I know that everyone can make their personal recolors using picano’s tool, but I want to share mine’s with you guys. Hope that you like them as much as I do ๐Ÿ˜›

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You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet him again!

Another edit of Dhragen’s Mega Man.

In the future, before the time Mavericks came to be, Mega Man was weak and near expiration and since Dr. Light died of old age, he had nobody he could trust to restore him. But out of nowhere, an old man appeared. A familiar old man. He offered to repair Mega Man. Mega Man remembered he had the knowledge, like Dr. Light, and he knew he met the man before, so based on these facts, he trusted the man. He knew it couldn’t be Dr. Wily, who died of old age like Dr. Light. Little did he know it WAS Dr. Wily, but not from the present time. Dr. Wily travelled to the future to rebuild and reprogram Mega Man.

His mind no longer being the master of his own body, the new, dominant program dubbed himself Quint.

Dr. Wily sent him to the past to destroy Mega Man from his time period. The risk of causing a time paradox that could end the very fabric of logic and therefore the universe was the last thing on Wily’s mind.

Will Mega Man be able to defeat his future self?

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You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet his brother!

It’s Protoman!

No no no, it’s not Captain Falcon this time.

I’ve edited this from Dhragen’s Mega Man and took a couple of times to get it right, mainly because of the positioning on the cap. This resulted in a Protoman that fits Dhragen’s Mega Man way better than the Captain Falcon one.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you:

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You miss me, guys???

I am sure that all of you are worried about my absence and why you haven’t seen any of my textures lately… I guess.

Well, the reason: I had some problems with my PC, namely a virus attack that prevents me from logging into the computer, and with that, I am unable to make textures, talk with my teammates, etc.

I sent my PC to technical support last week, and I hope that I can get my fixed PC soon (or at least this month :S)

The bad news is that I lost ALL my texture programs and the textures that I was working on before the virus attack, so, before I come back with textures, first I have to recover it all :/

And that’s the damn fucking reason. When I come back, I will try to bring more of my work. So long, ๐Ÿ˜›





SPOILER Commander Lucas & Dhrag’s Unmasked

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More spin! More spin!

Every playable character franchise in Brawl has a stage. Well….almost every franchise. Y’see…R.O.B. got punked. I guess they decided Hannenbow was more important than a home stage for R.O.B….Poor guy. Well, we decided to fix that. We gave Professor Hector a call and told him how down his creation was. Workin’ through the night, he made this: A recreation of Gyromite! Continue reading ‘More spin! More spin!’

This revamp reaches the stars!!

Well guys, it’s time for another revamped texture, this time, as promised, for Geno, my favorite texture from Androu1, and a really well done one.

He’s now like a collaborative texture. While Androu made the woodย  brighter and retouched the armor, Ii offered my help fixing and improving the eyes, and fixing his mouth. We hope that you like this revamp like me,ย  specially because I now know how TL eyes and mouth works ๐Ÿ˜›

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After the multples battles agains an evil doctor, after many years, a new era began, more depth, obscure and mature.

All start in a highway under attack by corrupted robots knows as Mavericks, designed to exterminate their counterparts, the Reploids, and human race.

The stage introduce you as an Blue Reploid, who meets with a purple robot in an mechanic armor, and a red guy with long, blonde hair, who saves you for the other one.

After that, you will know that red robot, called Zero, is your best friend and partner, and both former members of a group called “Maverick hunters”, with the mission of protect the world exterminating the mavericks and defeat it’s commander, Sigma.

In a Highway starts the name of Megaman X, there are many highways in the serie, but this it’s the first and the most memoral one (with an awesome music anyway).

This it’s my first stage texture, this stage brings me alot of nostalgia, and hope that all will like it, specially for the MMX fans like me, ๐Ÿ˜›

Here we go, the start of everything, CENTRAL HIGHWAY, THE INTRO STAGE!!!

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