Regarding ]EE[

I’m currently talking with Raganook on the matter. Don’t worry they’re not dead.

I’m currently finding out whats going on with things.

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  • anyway, me thinks they got drunk and played a prank

    Like Sakurai…

  • I love how people are complaining that they aren’t talking about what is wrong on their site when THEIR SITE IS THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • Yea, I mean all they have done is great and I did see the message earlier……but since then things have gotten worse to where we need more of an explaination than that.

    Youtube was taken down, the forum was up and even had a topic by Cryos before that went down, but all he posted “ATTENTION ALL” then gibberish afterwards.

    Yea…just wish I knew what in the world happened.

  • im my case i see 3 possibilities

    1: they got caught by nintendo and they took down there website

    2: they are playing a joke on us

    3: there computer just screwed up

  • This was all just one big prank

    Raganook: *Laughs*

    Skyos: *Laughs*

    Sakurai: *Laughs*

  • It must be a joke. This is a new low. Im starting to get pissed. How the f@ck (excuse my language) can’t ONE person out of the WHOLE team just take 5 sec. of their lifetime and just give us a f@cking simple, “Oh sorry, we are having some diff. The patch should be up b4 12.” But instead they say f@cking gibberish?! WTF?!?! ARGH im angry. There could be NO reasonable explanation for this nonsense! Have fun drinking your tequila, Raganook!

  • oh noez. I feel bad now. Sry guys, I just got so mad and assumed too quickly. Plz 4give me. Oh well, at least…………who am I kidding? I have no reason to live! *jumps off building*

  • ]EE[ went poof!

  • i still have a little faith in them but to tell the truth i dont think i was going to be capable of doing the project anyway, reading those things made me realize just how complicated the matter at hand was. if someone has 2 seconds though could you tell me how to dump your disk? i see everyone saying its like a 5 hour process but what exactly do you have to do? you can email me at or just respond on here if you would be so kind

  • @bambam95



    Well excuseeeeeeeee me princess i forgot to post that they never suggested anything illegal but i did send that in my email i will post what news they have sent me after school…or mabey after DINNER!

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