Once a team of four, now they are no longer more.

They will not be forgotten like the seven. No, they will live on.

The world shall know their legend…

…okay enough of the fancy bullshit

]EE[ Patch

Released in a form for the SD Loader. The Syntax Error patch finally sees daylight. It has been decided the public should have this, especially after all the work that went into it.

Nothing extra has been added, this is the project as it was when it was going through it’s final stages back in December. It is not complete, and never will be but enjoy it as it is.

EDIT: Check it out in the “Other” folder!
Due to the influx of people downloading the patch. It can now be found here:

Who missed me? >:)

Note: No promises if shit works with the SD loader. We wanted to get this out ASAP

14 Responses to “Once a team of four, now they are no longer more.”

  • Aaron: “FitMarth01 = Dante?
    FitMarth04 = Brown Marth (forgot the actual name)”

    I *think* I can help you here, Aaron, simply because I’ve seen them at the Syntax Error site.

    FitMarth01 = Angelo

    FitMarth04 = Wander

    Am I right, guys?

  • Thanks for the list. I somehow put dressless Peach instead of Rosalina (thank god my sister didn’t see that).
    Wellcome back Warchamp7.

  • Here’s all the Kirby hats, I can confirm to be working if anyone wants to know-

    Link- Parasite
    Sheik- Emo
    Toon Link- White hat with a face
    Samus- Dark
    Pit- Dark (with red arrows)
    Fox- Black ears, white armour
    Game & Watch- No eyes
    Ike- Crono
    Ivysaur/Fushigisou- Miracle Grow (dead bulb)
    Squirtle/Zenigame- Turtle
    Bowser/Koopa- Dry Bowser
    Wario- Doctor

  • Well, Soniconefan, I care.


  • I wasn’t around for EE’s error, but seeing there textures, I don’t see why all the commotion.

  • what, no opening.bnr?


  • Umm i may be mistaken buy wasnt EE a team of three?

    thats right correct?

  • So the EE patch is are all the textures from Syntax Error? Like Link SkyWalker and Phoenix Wright?

  • @Enhagbainge: Want to be very engaged in love, but does not can? Purchase itself magic pills! You’ll be able to invade so deep into womar

  • how do i activate hacks plz be descpitive i need to no

  • Could someone post the right color costumes that the textures are supposed to go to, because some textures aren’t on the right costume.

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