Yeah, Olivine City, it’s readyyy

This was one of the first stages I started working on and it’s gone through a bunch of different designs and stuff, scrapped, started over again, what what.

There are a few locations in the Pokémon games where I find myself thinking, “if this game had good graphics, this place would be totally beautiful.” And then my imagination is all “Yeah mang, it’d be like this” and I get a picture in my head. So here’s Olivine City, as it appears more realistically, in my mind.

It’s a wide stage with high ground on the right, on top of the buildings, and low ground on the left, under the pier. You can’t swim in the water though, you’ll just walk on the sand under it. Cool? Cool.

And there are three versions: sunny, overcast, and night. If your set of mods still resembles Brawl a little you could replace each version of Spear Pillar with these, if you wanted. Or you could get rid of one of the Stadiums. Or yeah whatever, I don’t care

And a video like the others

And the downloads!

Plain Day | Plain Overcast | Plain Night | Everything on Everything

As per usual, the plain downloads contain one version of the stage (day, overcast or night), stuff for your stage select screen, and .REL files, this time one for Pokémon Stadium 2 and one for Spear Pillar. The Everything on Everything has all three, all the stage select stuff (that is, an icon for each variation of the stage so you can use whichever you want), the .RELs and 13 BRSTMs. Thirteen instead of twelve this time because I just couldn’t choose between the HGSS and the Stadium 2 versions of Silver’s battle theme. So they’re both in there.

I hope you like, I hope you like. But once again… I will viciously murder babies if I see this on BrawlVault. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks, yojj, for making it possible for me to make this better than it would’ve been if you didn’t. That wacky pelipper is the best

  • Wholly Pokemon stages, Batman.

    Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

  • damn this is some good shit right here. wheres the ampheros though? or did i just miss that? anyway would it be better if i uploaded stages here or on brawl vault and here? like are we competing with them or something?

  • oh i found amphy nevermind

  • Another kick ass stage, from a kick ass stage maker.


    Everybody does things differently, but If you want to have your hacks on Brawlvault, we’d prefer If you have the download on Brawlvault link to the post containing the download here. You are already doing this, so don’t worry about It.

  • It’s mostly just me and my vendetta against BrawlVault and people who repost things that aren’t theirs. And my old-fashioned adherence to the place where my old team used to be and not to the oversized hub where no one has a name. It’s the same reason I have no DeviantArt account. I’m all like “If my stuff isn’t good enough that you will come to me to see it, then it’s not good enough for me to throw it at you.” It’s an ego thing, let me be a silly elitist in peace

    I wish my phone had greater than/less than symbols on its keyboard so I could do format tags without having to open the little symbol menu

  • Holy crap BP.

    Another sexy-ass stage from you. You are a very talented person.


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