I need an Ampharos model

I’m working on this stage, see, and I’m really close to finishing it, right, but there HAS to be an Ampharos in it before I can call it done. So whoever can get me its model from Battle Revolution, lend me a hand, would you kindly?

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  • the closest i can get you is a mareep or an electibuzz because theres no ampheros in pokepark so i cant import one from there.you cant import pokemon from battle revolution because it doesnt use the mdlo format brawl uses. its like trying to put a square in the circle hole

  • I forgot Poképark existed and guessed that all the import models were coming from PBR.

    Well… damn. I guess I can make it work some other way and “build” an Ampharos out of some other stuff. I’m nuts. It’ll work.

  • I’ve made one out of a Cyndaquil model imported a long time ago by StarWaffle, two of Sheik’s needles, Sheik’s chain, and a Smoke Ball. It looks better than it sounds like it should but it is just as insane.

  • oh iight hopefully it comes out looking good

  • It doesn’t matter If Battle Revolution doesn’t have .mdl0 files, we can import any model from any game now, as well as any custom model made in 3DS Max.

  • I was also thinking of that but I don’t have the ISO for PBR (anymore), don’t really have any means to get it (download caps are the worst), and dunno how you go about doing that (I should learn it before I do my next stage… for sure).

    It’s not too late though. What I’ve got will suffice, but it’s not as great as it could be. Steelix, Magnemite, Wingull, Politoed and Pelipper would also be appreciated, y’know, if it’s cool… the stage will still be good without, but better with. I wouldn’t bother making them like I did with the aforementioned Ampharos though, so they’ll not be there if I’m left to my own devices

  • Hmm, does this stage involve Olivine City and the lighthouse? >_>

  • We have a winnerrrrrrr

    Maybe I can get Jim to grab the ISO and get the models I want from him, do the importing myself… it’ll take longer that way but the more I think of it the less I feel like I should leave ’em out, if they’ll fit in the file without making it too big to not crash.

    The stage will be done sometime this coming week, probably. By “really close” I mean that pretty much everything I absolutely need is there and I’m adding details and working on three different variations, for those who would like to put it in place of Spear Pillar. They won’t have any functional differences, though, just aesthetic ones.

  • i can get you a wingul peliper and magnemite

  • you dont by any chance think you could get me a riaku do you? cause im also in the middle of making a stage

  • Nobody? Ffff

    @yojj: I’d happily take those three and use them with what I do have for Amphy. I mean, in that picture you can see I already have something going for Wingull too, but if I can get the real deal, then I should, by all means.

  • already hexed you just have to a make animations

  • These guys are Eevee and the ‘eons

  • oih wrong link hold on thise one should work www.mediafire.com/?dh3r26nvmm7n4h4

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