Oh! So… Castle.

Here’s my first stage (ignoring all the times I tried to retexture a stage shittily and call it something else). It’s Osohe Castle from EarthBound 2 (MOTHER 3 (The game Lucas is from)).

I could blather on about how passionate I am for the EarthBound series, how I think Smash Bros. stages should be, and how I expressed that in this stage, but I think I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Plain | Everything On It

The Plain download has the stage, Stage Select Screen stuff, and a .rel for New Pork City (the stage is Battlefield-based, you can put it anywhere you have a Battlefield .rel)

The Everything On It download has that stuff, 12 awesome BRSTMS* and two eight-month-old concept sketches.

*List of songs

I’m not doing character model hacks anymore. In a nutshell, character vertex mods suck and I’m only gonna do these stages and textures for characters from now on.

And I rather like designing maps and making stages, so I’m gonna make this my main schtick. I’ve got plans for other stages: so far, one for every stage in SSB64 except Star Fox.

libertyernie and Mewtwo2000’s advice helped me finish this stage but there’s nowhere in this one to place their credits where it’d be both visible and natural-looking. It’ll be in the next one (as graffiti, how classy).

13 Responses to “Oh! So… Castle.”

  • I think my M3 save died somewhere around this area.
    I do not have very fond memories of this place.

    Nice hack, though.

  • Neat. Looks very professional and realistic.

  • Hacks like this make me wish you were more active BP. It’s sad to see that you won’t be making vertex hacks any more, but I must ask you something: If you see a vertex hacked model that somebody else made and you get an idea for It, Would you texture hack that?


  • Hm… This looks very nice! It goes really well with ItalianStallion’s Outside Osohe Castle… Say… I wonder if this and that stage could be ported onto Castle Siege?

    As ItalianStallion said,”i’d like it for mine and his to be like Castle Siege and the last one, where you fight that giant Snake in the sewers”

    …That sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Good ol’ BP, always making cool stuff.

  • I love this stage 🙂

  • ;u;
    Requesting more stuff like this.

  • @_Data_Drain_: Meh, gimmicky stages

    @PAVGN: Nah, I don’t do anything to stuff other people have done except for alter minor details to textures if I think there’s a problem. But I keep the changes to myself and don’t release them.

    Likewise, I don’t ever wanna see this stage on BrawlVault, changed or not.

  • This stage, BP.

    It makes Brawl hacks awesome again.

  • I love you. This hack makes me want to hack my wii again. The Ghosties are animated?

  • This is an epic hack. Purely epic.

  • Er… Dude, I think that idea would have been cool… <_<;

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