How could they let YOU on the team?!

Hello, It’s me PAVGN mighty hacker. You’re probably wondering what I am doing here. Well I’ve joined Stack Smash to help them out in their time of need, And PZT was nice enough to let me join. I’m not the best at texture hacking but I’m getting better, And I have a lot of good ideas, Some of which I feel will fit in well with this place. Anyway, Since I’m new here, I’ve decided to show my favorites of my texture hacks.

I’ll add captions later when I can think of some, Or If someone does It for me. Whichever comes first, I welcome It. You can download my stuff here.

By the way, The reason It took so long for me to make this post is because someone on this team who hates me took It upon themselves to remove my admin powers. Without admin powers I couldn’t add pics or categorize myself so I had to hold off updating until today. I give my thanks to BP who resolved this problem.

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