some QUOTE progress

I thought it’d be good if I posted a preview for Quote’s body-A texture, just to see if you guys approved of the direction he’s going in or not. Critique is very appreciated >:U

I’m probably going to port TL’s .rel file over to Sonic too, by the way. It’s mainly better because Quote would be grouped into the third party section on the CSS, which I think would be awesome. (who would want to replace toon link anyway?)

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  • I agree, who would want to replace Toon Link? Replace Link instead.

  • Link > Toon Link
    I see no problem with replacing TL

  • I like both Links, and I never use Sonic. I didn’t even know you could replace characters that way! Is there a tutorial for .rel editing anywhere? I wanna get to replacing some characters!

  • Mmmmm…



    Replace Lucario.

  • Character select area is a moot point, and it’s fixable with custom CSS. Replace Olimar, or Diddy Kong.

  • Wow, I literally just got done with Cave Story. Like, I just closed the game, and opened my web browser and saw this.

  • Olimar sucks, but I fucking love Diddy! No soup for the lord!


    To avoid any replacements altogether, can’t we all just add panels to the CSS, or even turn Random into multiple custom characters?

    If not, just replace Sonic. Furries suck anyway.

  • Replace Ike.

    Anyway, nice texture. Can’t wait to see it on him.

  • If Lucario weren’t already going to be replaced by Mewtwo, I’d say replace Lucario. So yeah, I’ve gotta agree – replace Sonic.

  • Woah, hey! You know how to replace/edit .rels like that? Please elaborate.

  • Me? No, I’m not that awesome; I guess I should’ve been more specific.

    There seems to be some people around Smash Boards/Brawl hacking sites who can though, so I planned on requesting one. I recall seeing a download up for Sonic over Olimar recently on ESH. I assumed it was already possible.

  • I love how people are saying which character should be replaced instead of commenting on the texture. I say It looks good, Considering I don’t what It looks like on the character.

  • replace ROB

    ..there… no one loves rob…

  • Peach already got replaced by Rosalina. ¦D

    “Furries suck anyway.”

    … XD *simply laughs hysterically at the ironic fail*

    Just kill off Toon Link. No one important loves him anyways. ¦D

  • Wait a sec…Who the hell is Quote anyways? O_o

  • From Cave Story, the overrated indie game :B

    (I’m not saying it’s bad, tho)

  • It obviously isn’t “overrated” enough, because I sure as hell have never heard of the game. XD

  • Does that mean that he’ll still be based off Ness (Model wise)?

  • Pik: what is that area in the lower left are going to be?

  • The green?

    It’s for his scarf.

  • please replace somebody else but not sonic, maby wario, he has many colors

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