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The infected Reploid… now in a new demon-ish shape!

He was originally an advanced Maverick Hunter, the leader of the organization which was intended to stop the atrocities caused by the fearsome Mavericks. But one day that all changed…..

Now he uses his power for evil purposes, spreading destruction and striking fear into the hearts and minds of Humans and Reploids alike. But thanks to the courage and strength of a Blue Warrior, this foe has been defeated multiple times, but always retuning for more….LIKE NOW

Rebuilt and ready to crush, the head of the Mavericks, SIGMA!

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Captain mIRC!!

I cannot allow Androu to brainwash you with these notions of KVIrc and it’s greatness. It is all lies! LIES I TELL YOU!

Do not listen to Androu and his fairy tales of Yellow and Purple. You must know of the original and best, the Red, Blue and Yellow!

As such I present my first texture and the TRUE BLUE IRC CLIENT. Captain mIRC!

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Removal of the “Artist” pages

So yeah,I’m deleting the Androu1,Bluz and Phreeq pages.

They are a burden to update and with so many new peeps we would require many new pages which would mean a more “unorganized” feel to the site.Plus,it would be more messy and stuff.

I think the Categories and the Archives are far more than enough,anyway.Use them from now on.

In short: they are unneded,annoying to update and useless :3

Captain KVIRC!!!!

Note: early update is early.Don’t get used to it.Also,this is not what we had planned,but we want to restart updating.

Today’s update is more of a original creation than anything else.It’s Captain KVIrc!!!

You may be wondering “What the **** is KVIrc?!” well.KVIrc is the IRC client that I (Androu1) use.I’ve used it since the start of this team and so far I love it.And noone knows about it,for the most part…it atleast seems like that.

You should check it out if you use IRC

Anyway,the pics…the pics…you WANT the pics…you NEED the pics! YOU LIVE FOR THE PICS!!! HERE ARE THE PICS!!!

Oh wait,before we go into the pics.You may not notice it and may never will,but his eye…his actual eye…is the KVIrc logo! I couldn’t find a way to take a decent pic of it,so I didn’t.But that is awesome.Unnoticeably awesome!!!

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Special Update: REVAMPED 5

So, yet again, a group of revamped crusaders set out to save the world. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give you a revamped costume made before Stack Smash as like last time, but beware. This costume, the last unreleased before our formation, is still lurking in the shadows, waiting to be revamped and posted. It might just catch you by surprise when it reaches your eyes. But not today, hopefully these excellently improved costumes sate your texturelust for now, sorry about the lack of updates. We’re working as hard was we can. But I know what you’re thinking, PICS NAO. Don’t fear, as here they are.

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Is the project dead? N-O-!

Yes,as much as YOU may think this project is dead…I’ve made this to tell you that you aren’t thinking straight!!!!

I will hereby explain the current status of this project.

Well,my (Androu1) strenght and will to make stuff went down the drain when school started.And this school sucks so much it just drains my energy.Maybe you people don’t know,but I was the main force behind the project,doing most costumes,hexing AND testing the costumes.

Now,Phreeq’s computer is tripping balls and he’s having a hard time doing about anything on that piece of hardware.

Since my energy is being sucked by school and Phreeq’s compu is fail,we just HAD to find new people.Hence why the team is growing so big.

And we have a special something coming up.That thing made us go all updateless and the “why?” will be revealed when it’s due.Just a note,it’s by no means item or stages textures,don’t overhype it,OK?

Right now,I have atleast 11 costumes sitting on my computer’s desktop,waiting for Warchamp7 to come around and hex them.


This team just keeps expanding!

Well people,Androu1 here laying down the pwnage!!!

Really,it’s like this team just keeps expanding more and more! We are letting ourselves go.But I guess more = merrier,right? Anyway,a fast run down of the new members!

  • Warchamp7: hexer (he may do minimal art,but we don’t really know)
  • EggBoy13: artist
  • Jugg4n4ut: artist,hexer and comix maker (for lulz)
  • Dhragen: artist

That’s about it.And when I say fast,I mean fast!!!


Will be added to “The Team” as soon as possible.

SSC 01 – For everything NES, there’s PZT

Well well! Jugg4n4ut made a comic about me. Let’s give him a big round of applause for accurately depicting my insanity.

Hooray for the first Stack Smash Comix! All the comix will be done by me, Jugg4n4ut. I’m not positive yet as to how often this will be updated, or on what day, but I’m leaning towards one every week, most likely updatin’ every Tuesday or Wednesday.

This one is based off of PZT’s “healthy” obsession with rare NES carts. Kudos to those who know the legacy of the Myriad 6-in-1! ^_^


You can see the comic here

List of suggestions that make us weep in terror…2!

I’m bored, so you know the drill.

14. Megaman Samus. Err, you don’t think of suggestions based on moveset similarities, you do it based on character similarities, appearence. This suggestion makes me cry every time I read it. Does ZSS look like Megaman?

15. This isn’t an actual entry, but I want to explain more reason why Ridley Charizard wouldn’t work. Black and purple are nearly the exact same color. What in god’s name would we make Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Red? It doesn’t make any sense at all.


17. Midna. Syntax Error did it, oh yes.

Add your own suggestions that you dislike right here.

List of suggestions that make us weep in terror

Well, since there was no update to put up, I figure I might as well keep you guys entertained. With a list of suggestions that are overdone and boring. Suggestions that make me sad every time I read them, because that creativity could be put to good use. Let’s get started!

1. Ridley Charizard. We made Shiny Charizard, isn’t that enough for your black Charizard quotent? Charizard is too fat, and Ridley as, as GameFAQs says, TOO BIG.

2. Anything Naruto related. You have Syntax Error for that.

3. Anything Syntax Error did. ^

4. Krystal Fox. No transvestites in the project pleez.

5. Dixie Diddy. ^

6. Nekkid ZSS. As much as we like nekkid wimminz, we want to keep the site work-safe.

7. Roy Ike. It might happen in the future due to it working on at least some moderate scale, but try not to suggest it. Old.

8. Anything related to Kingdom Hearts, or The World Ends With You. Do I need a reason?

9. Dr. Mario. Syntax Error didn’t think it would work, we don’t think it would work.

10. Mewtwo. Syntax Error did it.

11. Master Chief. Do I need a reason?

12. Any Samus texture that you can’t think of a ZSS equivalent, or vice-versa. If it is one of those, try and denote it as such.

13. Yoob. As good as it may sound, the only difference between Barney would be the eyes.

Hopefully we’ll have an update tomorrow, and I is sleepy. Happy November! With turkeys and such. And happy suggesting too!