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Thou Shalt Not Hurt Beautiful Radiant Beldr

“I have made a Vow with the Earth itself,

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A “Special” Update, with Cookies!!!

So I has a slightly important speech-a-ma-jiggy to tell y’all.

I may HAVE to leave StackSmash soon enough (not that anyone cares XD) for personal reasons, and well, I’m pretty much inactive anyway, and I’m also gonna be away for some time due to personal events (some may know about this >_<) so uh, yeah sorry about that.

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Don’t expect the unexpected

If you are expecting something good, then this really isn’t the place for you. These are the first 2 stages I have made since the Retro 1-1


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Deku, Goron and Zora Link join the Brawl!

Triple update!!, now starring Deku Link, Goron Link and my beloved Zora Link!!

Skip to da pics FUKKA

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And so …

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I wonder ….

No really, there is a reason why the title says that, honestly.

You’ll probably complain about this texture, for the sole reason that its a “custom character”, not based off of anything like a REAL character …

His name, is Convexity Knight … wasn’t made EXACTLY by me, but by my room mate Krystal, and I feel I should post it here, just for the simple fact I want to.

EDIT: Thanks to BirdPerson for once again fixing my update issues

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. . .

Be prepared … April 23rd

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Otacon is Wapanese

This post actually has nothing to do with Japanese, Wapanese or Metal Gear Solid, let alone Otacon ….

Bawww, did I get your hopes up for Otacon?

Let me call the Waaaaaaambulance for you!

Uh, anyway, onto the actual thing.

See, I made this today; its the first thing I’ve made in like, 3 weeks. The other thing is, the eyes didn’t hex properly, and the damn glow ruined the colors: it was meant to be more gray D:

I present the first of my deathly machines: “Furry McKill-Bot 2000.”

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TRIPLE UPDATE: What’s that?

You want more retro? Well, you’re the fans.

SMB Peach by Bird Person, SMB Bowser by S, NES 1-1 by Leon and revamped by Androu1.

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Double Update! MOAR R.O.B.S! MOAR!

Thaaaaaat’s right! Just what you wanted! MOAR R.O.B.S! FOR THE END OF R.O.B. WEEK, WE GAVE YOU A DOUBLE UPDATE! AREN’T YOU LUCKY?

The first is a powerful robot from the game MOTHER/Earthbound Zero, created by Leon but as it was for ROB week, still Stack Smash territory. She resides on Mt. Itoi (yes we know), her purpose to aid Ninten in his perilous quest! EVE joins the Brawl!

The second is ROB after being subjected to the torturous process of Aparoideation (Star Fox Assault), which is truly an Assault on the mind. (ba dum pssh) ROB is gone. There is only ApaROB.

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