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Hey hey. I’ve been creating some stages lately (two, neither are finished, both are awesome). I got a question for anyone who knows: How could I change the framerate of a stage’s animation? Both stages I’m working on are going to have 2-D animations that would be a whole lot easier to do if I could slow it down.

Second question: How do I make a stage’s animation loop? This, I need for obvious reasons.

Don’t leave me hangin’ if you can help me out! What’s in it for you? I could… stick your name in one of the stages as a secret easter egg, or something… and fill it up with blue rupees

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  • Change the Unknown2 in a CHR0 animation from 0 to 1 to make it loop

  • You could try slowing down the framerate of an animation by having the same frame happen 2 or 3 times in a row instead of once. I don’t really know anything about animation editing/making so that’s the only thing I can think of.

  • That’s the plan if I can’t actually lower it. But for some reason, between identical keyframes, my objects want to move around. And, since I want the sky to move slowly (I need a sphere to rotate a full 360 degrees), I have to have an upwards of 7200 frames. Which is ludicrous. I’d want to lower the speed to 12 which still means about 2500 frames, but efficiency is efficiency…

    libertyernie: Thanks dude.

  • Oh, right. Another solution would be to have multiple animation files playing at once, so I could have the 7200-frame animation going, a 15-frame one for the 2-D animations, and other separate ones…

    Doing the obvious and removing animation data from the main file and having a separate one doesn’t seem to work.

  • Wait, wait, I got it, I just need them to be in a different folder from the rest of the models… okay, I’m good, then.

    You’re still a hero, ernie, so if you end up downloading the stages I’m working on once they’re finished, hunt for your name somewhere.

  • Except when I do that they don’t show up at all what the hell man

  • So you got it working now?

  • I like to fantasize about other people having gay sex.

  • There’s nothing wrong with a 7200 frame animation. IIRC some of the regular Brawl stages have longer animations.

  • There is if it means I have to paste one frame five times in a row, a second one five times in a row, and a third one five times in a row 480 times! FOR THREE MODELS! I also have plans for people in the background, who’d have longer and more complex animations (probably copied from playable characters and altered slightly but you know how it is) and I wouldn’t want to have to copy their frames manually either, hell no…

    None of the REAL stages have one master animation that controls all the little things like that. There has to be a way to build a stage from scratch and have it play multiple animations at once.

    Of course I could do one 7200-frame animation just fine if I could copy a sequence of frames and paste it over and over for a loop, but BrawlBox is like “Nope you have to paste every goddamn one manually”

  • Erm… If you need to have the 7200 frame animation together with other smaller animation, just place the models in different modeldatas. If you need more than 3 modeldatas, use skyworld or battlefield as the base of the stage, instead of FD.

    About the 2D animation, it can be independent to the character animations if you use VIS animations instead of CHR animations. Just take a look to my Mario Villains stage to understand how, if you’re still troubled with that.

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