Everyone needs a costume, right?

Here comes the first ever vertex hack for Mr. Game and Watch

Mrs. Game and Watch

It’s the first released edited game and watch model. People have deleted parts of his model and made reflective textures out of his emerald texture before, but this is different. This edit affects all of his color slots’ models. Game & Watch is harder to edit then you’d expect, and I had to change my design for this edit a couple of times to get something that worked fine with his model and skeleton. Normally I would see  my edits through until absolute perfection, but I’ll sacrifice any minuscule oddities in his model in order to actually have it done and released. It still looks fine anyways.

Download: www.mediafire.com/?zpx453qw6of2dv8

I’ll be finishing a couple other projects soon as well.

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  • …I’m amazed, this wasn’t done earlier?

  • nope, likely due to the complicated exporting and many more meshes than an average character.

  • LOL, awesome. XD
    It’s possible for it to make it 1 slot?

  • nope, that’s how game and watch works unfortunately.

    any costume change at fitgamewatch00.pcs will affect every slot. it’s just part of his special data.

  • Cool. Heh, I’d love to see some Kamina shades on G&W now, or a top hat and/or monocle.

  • …Oh my God…

    This blows my mind on so many levels. I thought a Mr. Game & Watch vertex hack would never happen. No wonder It took you so long to update, It must have been HELL to make this.

  • well, yes it was troublesome and I took some liberty with his flatness to improve the detail of his model than you’d normally think possible. But the main reason I haven’t made anything in a while was that I kept working on separate tangents, all backing up to projects being worked on all at the same time, and never just finishing one or another.

    The good side to that, however, is that i’m close to releasing more stuff sooner.

  • doiagkuiadjgk
    This is AMAZING.


    But yeah, I didn’t know it was possible. Very good work.

  • When I first decided to make this, I asked myself “why isn’t this possible” then I saw no reason it wouldn’t be and went ahead, knowing a little bit of how mr. game and watch worked. now I know everything about him, whether I want to or not.

  • Nice!

    Congrats on making history. 🙂

  • ^- Addendum: Actually, the whole idea of editing G&W’s model never occurred to me ’til now.

  • What about stick figure G&W? He had no nose.

  • @CloneMega That’s polygon deletion: running a character through a program to remove a specific polygon (aka his nose polys)

    not a vertex hack and certainly not even comparable to the work it took

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