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How to teleport

You need a good running start. A ridiculously good one. You can change your direction, which is unwieldy, but can help you get it done. But don’t crash into anything, or…

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The Periodic Table of Final Fantasy I

The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot. The people wait, their only hope, a prophecy….
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Hate to burst your bubble…

So, this is a simple recolor. I decided “I kinda miss simple stuff like Pinkadorf”. So I wondered who to recolor. Then I decided ” We don’t have enough Olimars”. So I made Bubblemar. I call him this because he looks like bubblegum to me. So chew on that.

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Green and yellow

Yoshi and Watt. Not Watt as in the Li’l Sparky from Paper Mario, Watt as in… everyone in the comics about Mystery Dungeon has a name. Not real names, more like “code names,” for spelunking and bounty hunting, or at least nicknames. I just hate things that are named after themselves, Fox.
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More tunes from Shrike!

Yep, more custom-tailored songs for the enterprising Brawl ISO modder.
This pack includes:

Corrupted Factory
Dark Jungle
Doomsday Zone Remix
Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Remix
Hydrocity Zone Digitized Remix
Lava Reef Zone Remix

If you don’t have an ISO to burn and use these with, just listen to them with Winamp and VGMstream. Remember: songs do not work on SDLoader as of this writing.

Beast of destiny in hero form!

When goblin-like marauders invade the large village of Outer Space, Wolf is forced to pursue them to hurt the children. But the unexpected happens when a ghastly hand pulls him into the Twilight Realm. In the Twilight Realm, Wolf is most displeased to find that he transforms into a Link! In Link form, Wolf can use any of his weapons, but cannot track scents with his fine-tuned senses or dig.
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You got Boost Power!

You knooooow White Land and Silence and Fire Field and Port Town, Green Plant and Big Blue Red Canyon and Death Wind

But do you recaaaalll

The most faaaamous F-ZERO locale of aaaaaalll…?

It’s Mute City, dude.

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Cue the bass line!

Y’see, Dr. Wily was tired of Mega Man always showing his robot masters up. Every time, the blue bomber would thwart his plans and send him back to the evil drawing board. One day, it dawned on Wily: To beat Mega Man, he’d need to make a robot equal to Mega Man’s powers. And thus, he began his latest robot:

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New Roster

Check out the roster. It’s now a purely text-based list. You can click the columns’ headers to alphabetize the whole thing by the contents of that column, and mix them by alphabetizing them one at a time: example, you could click “Character” and then “Creator” to list them in order of creator, with that creator’s hacks on specific characters grouped. You’ll understand if you play with it, it’s basic but hard to describe.

Obviously, since the all-new Download column (so the nubs will quit asking where the downloads are) only contains the word “download,” there’s no point in trying to alphabetize those.  By default, the list is arranged by date (though this isn’t seen), so if you’re away and come back to see several new updates, the roster is still a handy list to help you catch up.

Double and triple updates are not grouped. Keeping each hack isolated makes sorting them less complicated. Sorting by character would be such a mess with so many extra “categories” for stuff like “Ness and Lucas,” “King Dedede, Toon Link and Yoshi,” it would be stupid. Since the list goes by date by default, though, the multi-updates’ contents will be right next to each other, and they still link to the same thing.

I am only human; I’m sure I’ve made a good handful of mistakes with linking and typing. For the creator column I mostly went by memory, and may have misattributed several hacks to the wrong people. PLEASE make errors, typos, and that sort of thing known so it can be fixed–or, if you’re a team member and spot an error, fix it yourself.  I myself wasn’t too fond of how huge the old roster was, how long it took to fully load, and how annoying it was to update it, so I want this new one error-free.

Bot! Serve me!

We’re the Bonnes! We’re PIRATES! You’d better watch out for us!!!

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