New Roster

Check out the roster. It’s now a purely text-based list. You can click the columns’ headers to alphabetize the whole thing by the contents of that column, and mix them by alphabetizing them one at a time: example, you could click “Character” and then “Creator” to list them in order of creator, with that creator’s hacks on specific characters grouped. You’ll understand if you play with it, it’s basic but hard to describe.

Obviously, since the all-new Download column (so the nubs will quit asking where the downloads are) only contains the word “download,” there’s no point in trying to alphabetize those.  By default, the list is arranged by date (though this isn’t seen), so if you’re away and come back to see several new updates, the roster is still a handy list to help you catch up.

Double and triple updates are not grouped. Keeping each hack isolated makes sorting them less complicated. Sorting by character would be such a mess with so many extra “categories” for stuff like “Ness and Lucas,” “King Dedede, Toon Link and Yoshi,” it would be stupid. Since the list goes by date by default, though, the multi-updates’ contents will be right next to each other, and they still link to the same thing.

I am only human; I’m sure I’ve made a good handful of mistakes with linking and typing. For the creator column I mostly went by memory, and may have misattributed several hacks to the wrong people. PLEASE make errors, typos, and that sort of thing known so it can be fixed–or, if you’re a team member and spot an error, fix it yourself.  I myself wasn’t too fond of how huge the old roster was, how long it took to fully load, and how annoying it was to update it, so I want this new one error-free.

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  • As I said in the IRC: this is awesome.

  • And easier to update, too! :]

  • I like the new roster. Are you guys going to do the same thing to the stage roster and item roster too?

  • I had started to notice the increased load time over the past few days while I was looking for old posts about things. I’m glad this one is faster, and in addition, it’s much easier to find things (in multiple different ways). Good job =]

  • when r we gunna find out who teh new team members r me and a few of my friends (sega, konami) wanna know.
    BTW great textures guys.

  • I fixed two instances where “Androu & Someone” caused the & sign to get a huge indent

    Also bumped “Special Updates” down a line so it doesn’t overlap with the table

  • If you ever get time though, I would appreciate some small thumbnails to appear next to hacks.

    Text based roster: More efficient, less fun.

  • Where the heck are some of the downloads??? Especifically, melee fox!?!

  • Wow, I’m liking the new roster look. Very organized, nice job BP =)

  • Even newer roster: A master list of all characters, stages, items, assist trophies, and Pokémon, with a table of contents with quick anchors to each category for less scrolling.

    Eisley: Sorry, sometimes we forget to upload them. It’s nothing I can help with if it’s not a hack I have. For the sake of completeness I’ll get Lickitung up soon, but that’s just about the only one I could add even if I wanted to get the others.

    WPS: I agree, but there is no way I am ever going to do that. Ignoring the fact that adding a whole new column to each table for anything would be tedious, I would have to either use the thumbnails from before (and the point was to get rid of them) or I’d have to make new ones. For 300+ hacks. No way.

  • Dude, you broke the page layout. You must have not closed a table.

    Edit: Found and fixed.

  • Why do I see an empty section called model hacks?

    Looks promising…


  • Right, now I’m even more suspicious…

  • That’s where we’ll release reports on which supermodels we think are total hacks.

  • Model hacking = fun.
    Just keep rickrolling us bout sephiroth please, even when its possible to do one that doesnt look terrible.

  • I don’t like it. I prefer seeing images that appeal me to click and see it better.

  • No moar images :<

    And WTF L33K.

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