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Merry Christmas! Santa Ganon has delivered a HEAVILY REQUESTED COSTUME! Behold, one of Melee’s Fallen Five. His Burning blade comes to bring down all who cross his path, who try to take him out (SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII!!!!), who try to best him. Behold, the warrior returns! Roy’s our boy! Continue reading ‘ROY’S OUR BOI!’

This is an Christmas costume and you didn’t expect it.

Did you REALLY think we wouldn’t do a XMas related costume? DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT?

It’s just we didn’t want to release it by january, like others (LOL).

Anyway,  Santa has grown evil. And kinda thin. IDK why, but this guy gives me the creeps now.

He may punch the XMas into you!

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The Triforce of Fear

Riding in the night on his dark stallion, the King of Darkness rode towards Hyrule, initiating his new plan to take over as King of Hyrule. Just as he was making his way over the final hill towards Hyrule, he was confronted by a green-clad hero on a red-brown horse with a mighty blade of light and justice. The King just stared and snickered. He gradually got off of his steed, and began to walk towards the boy. The boy got off his steed and stood in a defensive position , waiting. The King began chuckling to himself, then laughing maniacally, and the young hero didn’t know why. Soon the King was standing right in front of the boy, towering over him. He glanced down and ,with a quickness, grabbed his throat. Holding the hero in a death choke, the King began laughing again. Then he pulled out his blade and pointed it at the hero and whispered to him, “Now we’ll both be the bad guy…”. suddenly, they both became enshrouded with dark purple clouds, no doubt the work of sorcery, The King cackled maniacally again, and crushed the green-clad hero’s throat. As blood splattered onto his face, dripping from his hands, and the dark aura surrounding both of them, the King impaled himself in the abdomen, dying himself. Soon after, the evil smoke entered both their bodies, and ran through their blood. Their eyes became blood-red, their skin pale; soon after they stood up. Being just a few minutes away from the main city of Hyrule, they both climbed upon their horses, riding into the vermillion sunset, towards Hyrule to bring about its demise, with a new leader in mind…

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OK! Prepare to see something epic, that will pwn you! I know you want pics, but read this first! This blue guy already have MANY things in this site…guess who? MEGAMAN!

But this is not a costume…HA! It’s an assist thropie! Now, he and his friend, Mettaur, will pwn you! I’m uploading an epic video at youtube, so stay tuned, i’ll update this post as soon as i upload it.



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Phazonfair V2

Yeah, there’s no much to talk about here, but here’s the changes :

-Brighter Phazon

-Mips fixed


Well, that’s all, nao get da pics.

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RAAAAAAAAWR! Oh wait, I can talk!

He’s not grey, but his name implies that. He’s also a monster, which is totally implied and true…kinda…

Anyway, I don’t feel like talking about bull you don’t care about in here today, LOL.




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The name game

To all you people coming in from GoNintendo, let me just sort out the names.
1. We are Stack Smash. We are hosted on the unleadedmugen network. Our name is not unleadedmugen, that is our host.
2. The people who got hit with a cease and desist is ]Syntax-Error[, our affiliates you see, not us.
3. We’ll still be trudging along, avoiding Nintendo’s godly resources.
I would like to thank you guys at GoNintendo for reporting on the story, however, all your naming confusion made my brain hurt.


The funniest animals evah in any FF game! Dah Moogles, kupo!

One of them went several transfor-kupo-mations and turned into a weird rat…thing…with…electric…powers…and…stuff…

Errr…this is horrible…


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1. Shout-out to you guys at McLeod Gaming Forums. 47 pages of discussion and still not bored. Couple that with an awesome hack list. I’m going to look forward to reading through your topic.
2. Yes we have everything EE made. Unfortunately we can’t leak because ]EE[ would be held liable. That’s nooooo good. The only thing we can do is remix some of EE’s hacks and put a fresh Stack Smash spin on them.
3. Yes, Nintendo did indeed try to nail them with a lawsuit. Hacks are important but your life/career is more-so.
4. We’ll be moving to a new host soon in order to not be royally screwed by Nintendo’s bigwig lawyers and their hammer-space wallets and briefcases. I’ll still be your loving host and founder however. We’re not going anywhere as far as I can foresee so enjoy the ride.
5. Nintendo, if you’re reading this, what do you have to gain by putting a few fan-artists in jail? I know you need money but this is ridiculous. Going after the Homebrew Channel? Nope, gotta sue the fanartists. Going after GCTracker and all the other piracy sites? Nope, sue the fanartists! Instead of taking it out on your fans, the people that like you, want to pay tribute to you, take it out on the enablers of piracy. Syntax-Error wasn’t even going to distribute an ISO. It was a patch that would be worthless without an ISO. They had long, winding legal agreements. They had all the attempts they can to remove anything illegal or promoting piracy. I don’t believe your legal department, with your infinite cashwads, could turn such a blind eye to all the pirates yet sue the people who are actually trying to make sure they don’t do anything illegal. That makes no sense. But, since you’re a huge multi-national corporation, I think you’ll enjoy ignoring this while you take it out on the little guy. G’night!

You Saw them before, and you loved them, let’s keep this feeling alive…

I am going now to post one of my works, one that I am really, really proud of,  and I loved how you guys congratulated me for this idea.

The ]EE[ project may be gone, but their purpose and dream lives on.

Now forget the bad times and be happy with this team again.

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