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Super Smash Land stages in Brawl!

Super Smash Land stages have moved!

I made a nice page to house all these Super Smash Land stage ports over at The only stage out of the 9 that’s been changed since last year is the Dr. Wily stage (fixed the spawn points), but they all now have versions without the black border. Pick whichever ones you like.

Planet Flora

My second port of a Super Smash Bros. Crusade stage to Brawl, after Rice Beach. I’m surprised there aren’t more – that game has some nice stages.
Download (BrawlVault)

al_130703_2048 al_130703_2049 al_130703_2050

From the land of Wario

The Curious Factory. A stage with a conveyor belt on it.
For maximum craziness, stick a Unira on there.

Download (BrawlVault)

The last four Super Smash Land stages!

I finished up the rest of the Super Smash Land stage ports:

  • Underground (working platforms and breakable blocks!)
  • Dr. Wily’s Castle
  • Lavender Town (no moving platforms because I’m lazy)
  • Battlefield

Downloads (BrawlVault)
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Super Smash Land: Peach’s Castle

A year to the day after I last updated my Super Smash Land stages, here’s another one!
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Star Light Zone v5

After a year and a half, I finally updated my Star Light Zone stage.
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Chibi-Robo 2013!

A revamp of my Chibi-Robo stage.
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Poloy Forest

After beating Tails’ Adventure for the Game Gear, I whipped up this quick 2D stage. The fire in the background is animated, but unfortunately I can’t make a video. Since I can’t play Brawl on my broken Wii anymore, I have to test stages in Dolphin – and that means I can’t make recordings with my DVD recorder.
But don’t worry – when I get a Wii U, I’ll be able to make videos of any new stages I might come up with. (From what I hear, Smash Stack works just fine on Wii U, but you have to insert the card when it’s in Wii mode or it’ll delete the file. I’m looking forward to playing P:M again!)

Download (BrawlVault)

The download includes a stage (FD-based), SSS images, and one BRSTM. Other songs from Tails’ Adventure are available here:

Sonic Advance 2:Techno Base Zone

Another Sonic Advance stage. Although I failed to make the texture animations and texture patterns, the stage still came out DECENT looking to me. Most of my Sonic stages aren’t balanced so I tryed to make this one a bit more balanced for competitive players. It’s somewhat like Frigate Orpheon in a a broad sense. The 2 squares on the sides of the stage move in and out of view. Like the platforms on the sides do in the Frigate Orpheon stage. So if you stay on them too long they will bring you into the death boundarys on the sides of the stage. However they don’t just kill you. They provide an alternate way back onto the stage because they have ledgs. So you can grab on to one of those intsead of having to go back to the stage.

Goes over Frigate Orpheon with the rel.

Goes over BF with no rel.

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Wii U stage – now with Flat Zone 2 alt. version!

Look, now you can play Brawl on the screen of the Wii U controller! … Sort of.
There’s a custom stage with two platforms, and (since Sept. 2) a stage replacement for Flat Zone 2.
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