Wii U stage – now with Flat Zone 2 alt. version!

Look, now you can play Brawl on the screen of the Wii U controller! … Sort of.
There’s a custom stage with two platforms, and (since Sept. 2) a stage replacement for Flat Zone 2.

Sorry, no video this time – my Wii’s disc drive doesn’t work anymore and I don’t think I can record from Dolphin.
Download (Custom FD Stage)
Download (Flat Zone 2 version)
I also made sure fixed camera mode works, so check that out.

6 Responses to “Wii U stage – now with Flat Zone 2 alt. version!”

  • Well, this is unexpected. This would be a great hack for Flat Zone 2. Also, I’m pretty sure that Dolphin has a video record function. I never used It before though.

  • Now THIS is an interesting stage. I do think it could use a background.

  • Yes It is a very nice stage, however why did you put it over FD? You should make a rel and move it to flat zone 2. It would get WAY more downloads over that stage!

  • @yojj5 maybe I’ll try that next & see if it can wokr.

  • Just made a Flat Zone 2 version of the stage! It’s on this same post.

  • Question! I tried all of the Flat Zone 2 texture hacks and non of the, work. It seems like only some stages can be hack, but when I tried hacking this (and also some other stages) they won’t work. Is there another folder I could use to place certain stage hacks in? I tried using “adventure”, but that didn’t work…

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