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Super Smash Land stages in Brawl!

Super Smash Land stages have moved!

I made a nice page to house all these Super Smash Land stage ports over at The only stage out of the 9 that’s been changed since last year is the Dr. Wily stage (fixed the spawn points), but they all now have versions without the black border. Pick whichever ones you like.

The last four Super Smash Land stages!

I finished up the rest of the Super Smash Land stage ports:

  • Underground (working platforms and breakable blocks!)
  • Dr. Wily’s Castle
  • Lavender Town (no moving platforms because I’m lazy)
  • Battlefield

Downloads (BrawlVault)
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Super Smash Land: Peach’s Castle

A year to the day after I last updated my Super Smash Land stages, here’s another one!
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Super Smash Land: Dreamland/Tower of Heaven

Two more Super Smash Land stages for you to enjoy.
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