Poloy Forest

After beating Tails’ Adventure for the Game Gear, I whipped up this quick 2D stage. The fire in the background is animated, but unfortunately I can’t make a video. Since I can’t play Brawl on my broken Wii anymore, I have to test stages in Dolphin – and that means I can’t make recordings with my DVD recorder.
But don’t worry – when I get a Wii U, I’ll be able to make videos of any new stages I might come up with. (From what I hear, Smash Stack works just fine on Wii U, but you have to insert the card when it’s in Wii mode or it’ll delete the file. I’m looking forward to playing P:M again!)

Download (BrawlVault)

The download includes a stage (FD-based), SSS images, and one BRSTM. Other songs from Tails’ Adventure are available here: www.brawlcustommusic.com/game/1636

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