Sonic Advance 2:Techno Base Zone

Another Sonic Advance stage. Although I failed to make the texture animations and texture patterns, the stage still came out DECENT looking to me. Most of my Sonic stages aren’t balanced so I tryed to make this one a bit more balanced for competitive players. It’s somewhat like Frigate Orpheon in a a broad sense. The 2 squares on the sides of the stage move in and out of view. Like the platforms on the sides do in the Frigate Orpheon stage. So if you stay on them too long they will bring you into the death boundarys on the sides of the stage. However they don’t just kill you. They provide an alternate way back onto the stage because they have ledgs. So you can grab on to one of those intsead of having to go back to the stage.

Goes over Frigate Orpheon with the rel.

Goes over BF with no rel.

Download here:


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