Some More Random Songs

I’m not done with Lavos yet (And believe me It’s going to be completely different from the one that exists now), So here are some more BRSTMs (And a few trophies) until I’m done with It.

Kick The Rock! – Music from the Wild Canyon stage in Sonic Adventure 2.

Space Trip Steps – Music from the Meteor Herd stage in Sonic Adventure 2.

Foehn – Music for the levels in Bomberman Hero where you use the Bomber Jet.

Frost Man – Music from Frost Man’s stage in Mega Man 8. This was supposed to be a replacement for Frozen Hillside that would fit on the Halberd.

Zip – One of the more laid back stage themes from Bomberman Hero.

You Can Do Anything – One of the alleged lost tracks of Brawl, Now available in BRSTM form. This song loops perfectly rather than ending and starting again.

What the Heck? – Music from the What the Heck? level in Earthworm Jim. It’s from the PC/Special Edition version of the game.

What the Heck? (Edited) – This is the same song as above but I edited It to sound more like the way It does in the SNES/Genesis versions of the game. This makes It sound and loop better.

And of course here are a few trophy texture hacks I made.

Sorry about the Brawlbox previews, They look better in-game. Maybe I’ll upload in-game snapshots once I am able to take pictures in Diorama Mode.

Shadow Queen Peach

Black Birdo

Super Billy Mays Lakitu and Spinies

Mario Snake

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