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Progress Report! (GCN)

Bet you weren’t expecting one of these any time soon.

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One Last Strike

An old personal favorite sees a rework.

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Whoo-hoo! (GCN)

… *cough* *hack* *wheeze*

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Fission: Mailed …+GCN

Textures that just wouldn’t cut getting an update, unless clumped together.

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Maaaahhhreeeeoohhhhhh! (GCN)

Luigi has something to say to you!

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An island in the sky? (GCN)

What would be the definition of that?

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??? wants to battle! (GCN)


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Holy Hyrule! (GCN) +I.L.

If you’re a Zelda fan, then get a new pair of pants ready.

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The Hero of Ordon… as a Child? (GCN)

From traveling years through time, to conquering floating possessed masks, this kid’s seen it all. But now he has a new challenge: learning how to wrangle cattle.

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Two robots, a doctor and an engineer

Steampunk Mario has created an automaton for military purposes. He has implemented a pair of updated hand-flamethrowers on him. His name is “Nitrogen-based Elite Scorcher, Mario-series” or “NES Mario” for short.

Debuting in F-Zero X, here’s EAD’s mechanical (and originally named) pilot, Mr. Ead!

With his 11 PhDs and his deadly contraptions, the Engineer is gonna make you suffar!

And last but not least, I’ve remade Dr Mario using S’s Brawl-style Melee Dr Mario textures on Brawl.

Enjoy the update!

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