Whoo-hoo! (GCN)

… *cough* *hack* *wheeze*

I’ve always found Mario’s Brawl voice to be old and wheezy. So, I put it on Dr. Mario, as he’s the [slightly] less active of the two fighters in Melee.

Don’t forget to take your supplements, doc.

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  • Vid might still be grainy from processing, so give it a sec.~

  • Cool…now that you mention it, His voice does sound old and wheezy.

  • I wouldn’t have put Mario’s Brawl voice on anything ever, personally. It really contributed to the “Angry Murderous Brawl Mario” thing. If Brawl voice hacks become easier, I have something in mind to replace it and restore even more of Real Mario’s real-ness.

  • ^ I hear that. Before, I really didn’t want to put it in at all. But, given it’s actually liked by people, I felt the need to… just to see (or hear) how it would turn out. Was kind of fun to tinker with, actually.

  • Brawl Mario’s voice isn’t murderous, it’s just not recycled.

  • Yeah, I don’t like Mario’s voice on Brawl either… Melee voice FTW!

  • Finally! Somebody who believes me!


  • Anyone else notice that Mario’s been in, what, his early thirties since 1981? Something’s not right here…

  • Oh, and there oughta be a comparison video between Mario’s normal Melee voice and Dr. Mario. Use a pair of Wavebirds to make them use the same attacks at the same time or something. Unless you lack two Wavebirds, in which case I say just have them use the same attacks as each other in succession. 😛

  • ^ Y’know, I was thinking of doing that sometime. At least, comparing Melee Mario and Melee Dr. Mario’s voices. Surprisingly enough, they ARE very slightly different in pitch; similar to how Luigi worked, only not as obvious (and not as annoying).

  • Pfft, Mario’s Brawl voice sounds agreesive, and guess what, he’s fighting and you need to be agressive while fighting. Hell, Jigglypuff and Pikachu sound agressive while fighting, so Mario can to and that’s what was done in Brawl. To each thier own then.

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