Fission: Mailed …+GCN

Textures that just wouldn’t cut getting an update, unless clumped together.

First! 75 King P.! I didn’t actually have a name for that one…

Then! Mani Mani Statue/Ness’s NightMare. Yes, he’s… rather photogenic.

And! Star Fox 64 Fox and Star Fox 64 Falco. I actually liked these two…

Oh! Cannot forget about Toon Ganon. Literally.

With! Included Majora’s Wrath Ganondorf. Plenty of stripes to go around.

Alongside! A strange Wario kind of Mario. His eyes pierce your soul.

Preceding! The final texture, is Arceus on Mewtwo. Not… quite what I expected.

Finally! Luigi-Mario. Or, would it be, Mario-Luigi? Whatever works.

18 Responses to “Fission: Mailed …+GCN”

  • Lario in Melee?
    Will there be a Muigi next?

  • Pretty cool actually.

  • Cool story bro,

  • Agreed. A lot of these really are cool, and not failures, like that Arceus on Mewtwo texture. And the solid gold king is win

  • Please make a Hanukkah texture. I hate being earth’s only jew.

  • The mailing of nuclear fission?

    I can’t stop snickering at Wario…

  • Majora’s Wrath: WIN!
    Mewceus – Also WIN! Except I can’t use it….

  • Wow! These are really great. I don’t know why you think this is a failure. You wasted 8 updates…

  • Majora O_O …(Wii version plz?)

  • Nice stage, I made Mani Mani Statue but I don’t think it fits on Ganondorf much. I made it on Pikachu, xD. I had another idea for it but I forgot. Pikachu looks more like it and has lightning attacks (PSI?). I also wanted to do Majora but not on Ganondorf. I planned to do him on Link where the sword is a tentacle. Awesome updates once again, S.

  • the mewceus is epic win

  • ;-;

    I was working on a Earthbound themed 75m, only it wasn’t emphasized on just Pokey.

    Whatever. I guess you got to it first. I’ll stop whining. Nice job on 75 King P., as well as the rest of the textures.

  • <3 Arcues

  • @blaziken1234: Lol, I made that 75m back way back in March… XD
    I certainly wouldn’t mind it if you continued your version, though.

  • I just noticed the Toon Ganon. I thought it was referring to the yellow one. I might use it.

  • Mario & Sonic Guy

    Looks good, even though the Wario Mario is quite freaky.

  • I like the Earthbound 75m stage, But It think you should have made the whole stage grey and said that his Spider mech mutated into a whole stage.

    As for the Mani Mani statue It doesn’t really look like It.

    As much as I don’t like texture hacks that take away detail from characters, I really like Star Fox 64 Fox & Falco. They really look the way they did in that game, Minus the blurriness.

    Toon Ganon looks awesome too.

    Wow, Even though they look different you just have to make Majora’s Wrath Ganondorf in Brawl.

    The other Melee hacks look good too except for Arceus Mewtwo, Which I thought was Armored MewTwo in an earlier update. 🙁

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