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I’m Back Bitches!

Well actually I’ve been back for a while now. I’ve just been lazy about posting here. I had a harddrive failure so I was incapacitated for a few months. Let me make my return with the last hack I made before my harddrive failure.
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Double Update! A Minister and a Mask

I’ve finished the Ancient Minister (for now at least), and I’ve also got something I’ve wanted to do since the days of vertex hacking in this update too.
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I Hate Posting Unfinished Work

But fuck It, It’s better than nothing.
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The Colors Feel So Flat

Starwaffle did a revamp of his Paper Mario model a few weeks ago. This version allows you to make recolors of It, so I did some. Kind of surprised no-one else has done any yet, but anyway, let’s take a look at mine.
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And now, for Something Tasteless

This hack is quite racist, so just a heads up for anyone who might overreact to this kind of thing.
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Stop SOPA Ness

A simple Ness edit I made to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, also known as SOPA. I apologize that this site didn’t go dark to protest yesterday. Hopefully we’re making up for It with this. But probably not.
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Uncensored Pictures of Naked Samus

That’s right, I’m going against the grain. I’m going post something that isn’t allowed on Stack Smash. Here you go people, uncensored pictures of naked Zero Suit Samus!
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And Now, For Something Completely Different

Instead of another stage hack, I’m going to post something we’ve never had on this site before.
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Drawin’ wit Etch A Sketch

Who needs to play Brawl, when you can draw Brawl battles with an Etch A Sketch?
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Sega Soccer Slam BRSTMs

If you remember my last music update, you might remember me saying “There were a lot of songs that I wanted to update with but couldn’t make in time for this update, so my next music update will have lots of songs too.” Well, this update doesn’t have any of those songs that I wanted to update with, but this update still has a lot of songs. Kind of. Continue reading ‘Sega Soccer Slam BRSTMs’