Drawin’ wit Etch A Sketch

Who needs to play Brawl, when you can draw Brawl battles with an Etch A Sketch?

Enjoy that picture because It’s the only one you’re gonna get. Seriously there’s nothing else to show of the stage. You’ve seen everything that there is to see. Stop reading this post and download the stage already:


There’s a problem with the TShadow texture for some reason, I don’t know why this is but I’ll try to fix It.

4 Responses to “Drawin’ wit Etch A Sketch”

  • Nice texture!

  • This would be great, but an Etch-A-Sketch wouldn’t have all those buttons in the upper right area.

  • @libertyernie



    I know. I tried to hide the buttons by having them be the same color as the Etch A Sketch Itself, but that obviously didn’t work as well as I thought It would. Maybe an updated version will have the buttons removed completely through model editing.

  • Ah. Well, it’s not so bad. Who’s going to be looking up there in the middle of a heated battle anyway? XD

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