Sega Soccer Slam BRSTMs

If you remember my last music update, you might remember me saying “There were a lot of songs that I wanted to update with but couldn’t make in time for this update, so my next music update will have lots of songs too.” Well, this update doesn’t have any of those songs that I wanted to update with, but this update still has a lot of songs. Kind of.

Here are songs from Sega Soccer Slam:
Angus Goal
Arsenault Goal
Asian Tune
Boomer Goal
Continental Cup Victory
Dante Goal
Djimon Goal
Duke Goal
El Diablo Goal
Euro Tune
Half Pint Goal
Hip Music
Kahuna Goal
Kaimani Goal
Kiril Goal
Latino Tune
Lola Goal
Madeira Goal
Match Victory
Mellow Training
Nova Goal
Own Goal & Defeat
Raine Goal
Rico Goal
Rumiko Goal
Rumiko’s Lair
Soccer Pause Music
Tourney Victory
Training Northern Europe
Zari Goal

This is my first ever entire soundtrack upload. I ripped these songs straight from the Sega Soccer Slam Gamecube ISO, so the quality is more or less “perfect”. I know most of these are just Goal themes, but whatever. Big thanks to Moosehunter, this wouldn’t have been possible without him.

You can find previews of these songs on my YouTube channel. Here’s a link to the playlist:

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