And Now, For Something Completely Different

Instead of another stage hack, I’m going to post something we’ve never had on this site before.

Subspace Emissary enemies.

Yeah. I’m hoping that this will influence people into making more hacks for Subspace Emissary enemies. Of course the way It works is a big pain in the ass. You have to find the SSE stage .pac file that contains the enemy you want to modify, then extract their .pac file so you can insert your modified enemy into other stages It appears in. Mario & Sonic Guy has some text files in his Mediafire account that list where certain enemies can be found. That can be handy for anyone interested in making SSE enemy hacks. Anyway, in case you can’t tell what these enemies are, they are, in order:

Dark Goomba/Giant Dark Goomba
Dark Bullet Bill
Hyper Goomba/Giant Hyper Goomba
Bombshell Bullet Bill
Gloomba/Giant Gloomba
Headbonk Goomba/Giant Headbonk Goomba
Galleom Roader
Blue Falcon Roader

Click on an enemy name to download It.

Oh, and Galleom Roader and Blue Falcon Roader weren’t made by me. They were made by Razanak7 who made them for a Roader port over Wario, but never released them. I asked him for the textures and he gave them to me.

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  • The Goomba textures might also be able to be used on that Goomba Kirby model import that was posted on BrawlVault recently. I’m pretty sure that he imported the SSE Goomba, so these textures should work on that one as a playable character.

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