Uncensored Pictures of Naked Samus

That’s right, I’m going against the grain. I’m going post something that isn’t allowed on Stack Smash. Here you go people, uncensored pictures of naked Zero Suit Samus!

Yeah, like I would actually do that! Instead, you get item hacks.

Believe me when I say that I made the Party Ball hack look as good as I possibly could. Also as a picture shows, the Plasma Sword has an animation problem when It is swung. I tried to fix this but couldn’t. I hope I can update this hack with a fix someday. And now, the downloads:

Rainbow Metal Box

Rainbow Metal Effect

Mega Man 8 Party Ball

Ice Flower

Plasma Sword

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  • Dat ass (bites lower lip). In all seriousness though, nice work here. The energy blade in particular is impressive.

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