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Roy, Fuck Yeah!

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Watch out Mac!! This guy is dangerous!

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s-(cough)-nake… (wheeze) snaaaakee…?

Aging can really total a guy, huh?

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attention: people that care

I know just a plain texture update without a download (or actually being applied on a model)  is pretty boring, and it covers up PAVGN’s hard BRSTM work by putting a filler update above it – but I just wanted to tell you guys I’ve finished my part of Quote’s textures.

So now I’m going to start on the model.

Just lettin’ you guys know that.

I also put together an assembled version, which should give you a small idea of how he will come together

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Fresh Prince of Dalaam

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StackSmash takes suggestions! really

Shanoa, as requested by Ixbran.

(design from Order of Ecclesia)

Download |   BrawlVault page

…The title was a stab at how we rarely check the request page.  Don’t expect us to actually listen to you guys now! :U

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some QUOTE progress

I thought it’d be good if I posted a preview for Quote’s body-A texture, just to see if you guys approved of the direction he’s going in or not. Critique is very appreciated >:U

I’m probably going to port TL’s .rel file over to Sonic too, by the way. It’s mainly better because Quote would be grouped into the third party section on the CSS, which I think would be awesome. (who would want to replace toon link anyway?)

Snake: Colonel, it’s me! I’m fighting myself!!

But it’s nowhere near as creepy as Kirby Snake, not in the least bit.

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Test your wits in this sprawling, mind bending adventure!

Morning Ness with Super SnakeMario’s box. I can’t give out .pac file because it’s located in common3, so just insert the texture yourself.

stock updates

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Just a Ness recolor


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