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Alright. So yesterday someone messaged me on BrawlVault and asked me to join his hacking team that is called “Brawl ‘r’ Us”. I asked if I had to leave my other team and he said “no” and that we should, maybe, fuse the teams. What do you guys think about that?

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  • I don’t want Stack Smash combining with a bunch of noobs.

  • he said their good hackers but if you dont like it then they will just be my side team because they said they dont mind me being in stacksmash and their team as well

  • here is his name on brawl vault if you want to discuss it with him ”


  • I don’t think this is going to happen for two reasons:

    1. The few members of Stack Smash that are still around are most likely going to be against It.

    2. The last time a merger between Stack Smash and another team was planned, It didn’t turn out well for Stack Smash.

  • oh iight then i guess they will just be a side team then

  • Wow, how long has it been since ive been here?

    yojj5, when he means it didn’t turn out well for SS, he means it with all seriousness. Wonder why Kitty Corp got more popular than SS back in the texturing only days? They left SS and somehow stole all the people who were into B-Hacking.

    Since then SS has been slowly and slowly dieing out.

  • And give a adress to his website so people can look his site up because it mainly depends on the quality of their hacks, not on how new their site is. Take Koo.pac for example.

  • I should correct some things that luigiman1928 said. Meow Mix used to be It’s own team before merging with Kitty Corp. But they planned to merge with Stack Smash first before that so…that didn’t work out. And Kitty Corp. didn’t steal people from this team, though they did steal members from every other Brawl hacking team. Only two people from this site left this one for Kitty Corp. Everyone else left for various reasons.

  • Ah yes that’s right, Meow Mix was the 3rd.

    SS and MM were gonna merge and that did not happen, and since KC was getting so popular, they thought that would work too. Obviously not- lol jk. They didn’t steal members from this team literally, but they stole quite a chunk of SS’ followers.

    Random fact: I used to be on KC awhile before they merged. I would have stayed but they have a scheduale where you have to reserve a post. That didn;t work with my busy life so i left :/

  • I don’t care and StackSmash mostly died because of lack of content and updates, not because of KC:MM, as we stopped being interested in Brawl. Few members left for KC:MM, if I remember correctly. It was mostly just people leaving Brawl modding altogether.

    We* may soon get to work on making mods for other games, maybe. If we do, I hope it doesn’t end up like my foray into Dissidia modding, since I basically just made one mod and I haven’t cared enough to make more. (I may at least try to finish one character I was working on sometime, but I don’t really feel like it).

    (*I’m speaking for myself, really)

  • There aren’t as many “teams” anymore, because with BrawlVault it’s so easy to upload yourself and post a forum thread. These blogs are still good for publicity, though.

  • That too. The main attraction of KC:MM is the Vault, not KC:MM itself.

  • Who is in that team anyway?
    I would look at the quality of the hacks first, so you don’t go and combine with a bunch of noobs.

  • Well……as Androu1 said, the team is on a long Hiatus because we mainly lost interest on brawl hacking, and not because of the popularity of other teams…which happened to me as well, using my focus in working on Super Smash Flash 2 as a developer. Maybe on the future we could get something that make us to go into the mood again, or maybe not, we will see…..

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