Not usually my kind of job… but… Music rip: Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble (PSP)

I didn’t really want to post this over here, but what the hell, StackSmash can use SOMETHING, this joint ain’t what it used to be!

But anyway! This is pretty much a dupe of the update in my blog, but since noone checks that thing, I’m posting it here too. Don’t get your panties in a bunch now!

So yeah, I’ve ripped Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble’s music. This game has some really awesome tracks. The entire game is really awesome!

The game was developed by Spike and was localized and published in USA by Atlus.

The story is that you’re this dude that wants to show he’s a badass. To do this he goes around beating up other badasses. It’s awesome!

The gameplay feels like a modern 3D River City Ransom. You also shoot lasers from your eyes to stare at your enemies, then a smack talk minigame starts and if you do it right you get the first punch in. You can level up, learn new moves, change your clothes and all that stuff. Highly replayable.

You should get it if you play games and have a PSP.

You reeeeally should.

Do it, damn it!

Now, onto this music rip. I ripped the AT3s from the ISO and then I played them back on my PSP with IRShell to record them because I found no way to freakin’ convert the damn things, I can’t even play them on my PC. Anyway, the quality is as good as it’s gonna get.

The titles of the tracks are obviously not official and I made them up based a bit on how they’re used in-game and how they sound like. The filenames are the original filenames, and you can change that if it bothers you so much.

I have no idea from where the hell the SGP_KIDZ track came from, tho. It reminds me of Ape Escape.



Note: there may be some minor looping issues in some songs. This is either because of the player goof’ng up or because the loops aren’t entirely seamless in-game. My connection is crap so I don’t think I’ll ever reupload this huge darn thing to fix some minor issue that isn’t even my fault. Hahaha.

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  • First I was like “Sweet, some awesome music!” but then I was like “200 mb? Bugger that.”


  • Added a “PREVIEW VIDEO” up there to replace the header image.

    Includes hilarious snapshots and music!

  • I’ll see If I can somehow make each song available individually.

    Also, There’s nothing wrong with posting this Androu1. Nobody ever said this place needs to have ONLY Smash Bros. stuff. There’s nothing wrong with expanding what the site is about, And besides we’ve sort of already established that with the Dissidia hacks.

  • You made me buy this game, and I love it. So… Yeah… that’s all.

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