Well I’m outta here

Heh! Only for a month. I’m going to the California Summer School of the Arts at CalArts for some rigorous courses in digital art. When I get back, well… I should be a lot better at what I do. There are ethernet ports in the dorms there, but I doubt I’ll have the time to work on whatever vertex hack I decide on next; I only get Sundays off (this is pr0 stuff, no fooling around).

So, yeah, just a little announcement as to what I’m going to be up to for a month so shortly after announcing my return… as a consolation here’s a huge poster I made concerning two game companies I hold near and dear. It’s seriously huge, click it for proof.

One of the things I had to do was produce something that can hang in the student gallery at the school, and this is it. It’s supposed to represent me and my tastes, hence the massive biases and contradictions to reality; Mike Jones, Ness AND Kumatora in, but no Donkey Kong? Baby Bonnie Hood instead of Felicia, or another Darkstalkers character who hasn’t had attention since the series? Gene??? Well, love it or hate it. In my defense I could have put Dhalsim or Akuma instead of Chun-Li. If I truly didn’t care and just wanted to draw a bunch of game heroes I like, X, Amaterasu and Arthur wouldn’t be there, Red’s backup would include a Politoed and a Rotom, and Blade Master Alastor would be in there.

So here’s hoping one of my roomies is a photographer named Frank. Peace out.

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