Oh look what shitty textures…

The texture that was posted here has been removed because: it was shit.

The only reason I’m just editing this post as a message instead of just deleting it, is because of the author, Roy, not being in the chatroom like he should be.

Seriously, Roy, that shit was WAY too shitty. It was the worst texture I’ve seen in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of horrible textures. StackSmash maybe is not updating enough, but that’s no reason to update with such an ugly, lazily and badly done texture.

This goes to Roy and to all the others, really.

Do NOT update with textures that look like they were made by a dead fetus using MSPaint. Seriously, it’s better than you don’t update at all if you are gonna update with such horrible work. Not asking for perfection, all I ask is for you to actually put some damn work into the texture and make it look at least decent.

If all you can do is make a texture that looks like shit, then say so. So we can kick you out of the team already.

I also think it’s time I point out another issue a share of us have with recent updates. A lot of you, like, don’t even test the texture to take and post pics of the textures now. It’s really shit when you actually do that and don’t have a description (caption) of the image, too. But what’s really SHIT is when you just have a single crappy BrawlBox render that, sometimes, is event so big that it goes over it’s area and ends up in the sidebar to the right.

By request, image of the crap:

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  • And…. U.R. Meen.. yeah, dont know what to say about this…

  • I made this texture 2 years ago, never finished because of Ike’s stupid face wrapping

  • And this is…?

  • this… is… AWESOME!!!

  • I’m assuming the white mustache thing is supposed to be his mouth, but got misplaced.

  • only the hair is of kazecoyote, the rest of the model is mine


  • Roy, I know you believe I hate your guts (this is not the case. I don’t think it’s really possible to hate someone you’ve never even had a conversation with). But no way in hell would I be so ballsy as Androu to edit the post like this. Or be as blunt. If there’s a thing I’d tell you, it’d be that you could do so much better than this but it honestly comes off like you don’t give a care at all.

    Your textures often have noticeable flaws that would have been so easy to revise, like those big dark rectangles on Bill’s hands (and his face… oh Thor, his face). Your posts really suggest you don’t take an ounce of pride in your work; you type like you’re captioning lolcat pictures for children, for one. You at least take in-game screenshots but that’s about half the battle…

    And, no, it still doesn’t feel like you’re a part of the team. Some of the time it feels more like those of us who hang out in the IRC are Left 4 Dead survivors, and you’re a Smoker. We’re all doing fine, then suddenly and stealthily, you do something and scream to let us know. Then we all freak out, but before we know it you’ve run away. Except we don’t kill you afterward. Androu seems to want to, though.

  • (Please someone reassure me … This post wasn’t edited by someoneon this team who doesn’t do textures anymore … ? oÔ

    Because you can be critic and ask for quality, but when all you do yourself is wait … it’s better to at least keep your manners when scolding. That’s called humility. :-?)

  • It was suppose to look like a cell-shade shit piece, because I was trying to replicate the horrid “animation” that was put into I.M. Meen, much similar to the CD-I Link and The King, that I do believe were posted here in the first place. As for the Bill texture with the stretched texturing, I admit that wasn’t my best. Now can we all just eat some cake?

  • Androu, you rule. I didn’t see the texture, but could Marill do better? Her textures scared me.

  • @BP, by comparing him to a smoker you’re pretty much saying he’s completely useless, man.

    @Miacis, pfff. Whatever you say.

    @RoyPh123X, I personally thought that my CD-i textures were REALLY shitty but, back then, PZT (I think) insited that I posted them anyway. Personally, I think you have the potential to do some pretty good textures but it just seems like you don’t WANT to or something.

    (Remember this post wasn’t ONLY directed at Roy, too)

    Now mention PAVGN again.

  • Waitwaitwait, I missed it, I atleast want to see the picture of it, no matter how shitty. Can anyone up the pic and link it to me?

  • Um… Dude, no matter how bad the texture was, some people would have used it… Rude much?

  • I don’t think it’s that bad, especially with my first four hacks of suckitude.

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