Sonic Advance: X Zone

I did the boss zone from sonic advance 2 sooo I tryed to do the one from sonic advance 1. This stage operates like Bridge of Eldin.
The middle of the stage falls creating a hole equal to the size of the one on the Bridge of Eldin stage. When Eggman passes by the first time that is your signal that it is about to fall. You have about 5 seconds to react. Eggman also flys by when the middle of the stage is about to rise up again,making the stage completely flat again. This is your signal that it will come back and you have about 5 seconds again to react (Incase your under the stage or planking or something like that). This process continues, no matter how long the match is.
Goes over battlefield with no rel and Bridge of Eldin with the rel.





3 Responses to “Sonic Advance: X Zone”

  • Wow, that’s a pretty neat and unusual Bridge of Eldin Import, very nice!

  • My only issue is that the bridge show low slower, it’s too fast in my opinion, since Eggman passing by can be a bit hard to notice in battle, specially since he’s a 2D-Sprite and there’s no explosion or anything.

  • Yeah, I actually PURPOSElY made it lower fast so that the players have to pay attention to Eggman or else you die. Plus it’s a based off of a boss stage so I thought I should make the chances of dying a little hihger. Thanks for the feed back though.

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