Isn’t he a bit young for an assassin?

MANSTA8 here, with a good old fashioned texture.
Assassin Toon Link, based off of the Assassin’s Creed games.

PAVGN is getting in game pictures, in the meantime here are some brawlbox ones.

DasDonkey Team made the straps, I wish could get them right though >.>
Pik made the gloves.

9 Responses to “Isn’t he a bit young for an assassin?”

  • *sigh*if only this were a vertex hack…

  • Yeah, a hood and hidden blade would be nice for this, but I can’t make vertex hacks. D:

  • In-game pictures added. Sorry I didn’t get them sooner.

    Also why would you want this to be a vertex hack when It can be a custom model?

  • Thanks, also I almost was going to say model hacks, but I’m still used to talking about vertexes. >.>

  • yeah,well…vertexes are the best…but heck,its still pretty good.

  • were just happy it wasnt a crappy model import.

  • @Hazama

    No, vertex hacks suck. You could be a great modeler and still your vertex hack will look shitty because you can’t make a model look good by moving It’s vertices around. A custom model is way better because you can do anything you want. The reason there so many bad model imports is because the people who import the models are too lazy to rig them properly, fix their problems, etc. Not because the model imports themselves suck.

  • @PAVGN
    yeah,but the vertexes i make and get are so damn impressive but eh.

  • oh you are right though.Ive seen some lazy asses that hate improving their import models.

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