Rosalina import, and other updates to my stuff

Rosalina, Hydra, Waddle Dee update, and an ACer update. yay for lots of stuff at once.



the ACer

Waddle Dee

first, Rosalina’s update.  i figured out how to correct the lighting direction, which all my imports had them backwards for whatever reason.  when i corrected it, it also fixed the metal texture being mostly black in the front.  but i still couldn’t make it look as good as i wanted, so the download includes 2 versions, 1 with the fixed lighting, and 1 with them nulled out.  i included both so you could choose which one you want.  also, i fixed her foot, which i apparently forgot to properly rig, as pointed out by MnSG.

second is Hydra.  this one is thanks to PAVGN for re-applying the reflection that the trophy model has.  i’m just finally updating the Vault with it.

next is the ACer.  i’ve had this one for a while, i just never updated him.  he now can blink, has the color node fix, and the lighting adjustment.  

and finally, Waddle Dee.  he now has the color node and lighting direction fix.  

like i said, lots of stuff, but hey.

so have a good Christmas guys!

Edit by PAVGN: Sorry I couldn’t update with something Christmas related this year. The least I can do is a brstm for a rock and roll version of Jingle Bells from Serious Sam. Get It here.

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  • I added something to the post Snoopy. I hope that’s ok with you.

    Great stuff by the way. I was actually going to suggest something for fixing Rosalina’s shaders, but It doesn’t matter anymore. If everyone put as much effort into their model imports as you do I’d use more model imports.

  • yeah, i don’t mind that you put it in. and thanks, i messed around with the shader a lot, but just decided against it.

  • Hey Snoopy, if it isn’t to much to ask but can you model import Ulala from Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing over Zero suit Samus. I would have done it myself but my old computer broke down and had to be replaced. so I won’t be able to do it for a long while. plz reply back. thx!

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