i am the wind waker. it’s me.

It’s not enough just to give Link the SORD….. I also gave him a SHEILD, SHEATH, and TUNNIC.

Okay, so the SORD….. is a really sweet meta-joke on page 3727 of MS Paint Adventures (Homestuck), where Dave combines a sword with a poster of his ironically drawn comic SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF. Which you should peruse, even if you don’t intend on ever reading Homestuck. It’s pretty brilliant on its own.

Enjoy this wonderfully ironic texture.
Download at BrawlVault

5 Responses to “i am the wind waker. it’s me.”

  • This texture hack is poorly made.
    And that’s a good thing if you ask Hussie.

  • @PK-Gaming
    Thanks. I considered making a really poor vertex hack, but I figured that would be too much effort 😉

  • sweet bro and hella jeff is better than homestuck

  • You made an entire new category for Homestuck?

  • @PZT: I thought the categories were like tags. Some of those categories are very specific. But now that I look at it, there’s none for “Textures” – maybe I should have added one of those too.

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