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Let’s climb some space!

Remember when I asked to have the Ice Climbers’ hammers’ heads removed? Well here’s what that was for:

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One very specific man…

…might be all that stands between humanity, and the greatest threat of our brief existence.¬†
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Just a teaser…

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Sakurai, I am disappoint …+GCN

Mushroom Kingdom I. Super Mario Bros.-inspired.

Mushroom Kingdom II. Super Mario Bros. 2-/USA-inspired.

But… what about Super Mario Bros. 3?

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Oi! Whose that?!

Hello boys and girls. allow me to introduce myself. i am Grand Sir Thebus, and i am now on board the stack smash team. I’ll be doing as much as i can to contribute to the stack smash site.

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a Steam Punk’d up racer.

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Luigi becomes a bounty hunter


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