Enter the Soul Re Eater

Soul Eater Evans over TL. I started watching Soul Eater and decided to make this.

Also apparently I can make shitty vertexes now.


3 Responses to “Enter the Soul Re Eater”

  • nice, i would really like to see soul eater from monotome princess in brawl vault, but nobody has made him yet i have the model but i dont know how to make texture skins. I’ve tried believe me, but its over my head 🙁 I also have blair, tsubaki, death the kid, paty and liz, and madusa. tell me if you want any of them i would like to see them in brawl vault
    best wishes 🙂

  • Death the kid would be badass. I’d like him for falco. Also tsubaki over zerosuit would be sick

  • definetly death the kid but w/ new move set

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