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Warning! Bowser’s Inside Story spoiler approaching! +1MOAR

It features the final boss, so if you do not want to spoil that, do NOT click the “view more” thing.

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G.I.A.N.T. E.G.G.

What? Another Billy Hatcher? But didn’t Androu make one already?

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Nick’s work of great justice for Stage Builder

You’ve seen it before in the Protoman update. It’s the new nature theme for Stage Builder I’d like to call “Generic Grassland”. Well, I was going for that, but it turned out to be something usable for forest/jungle levels aswell.

The walls of the blocks are from the original, but aren’t used. The wood and grass are photographed and photoshopped by me. The background is a random photo I picked from Google.


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You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet his brother!

It’s Protoman!

No no no, it’s not Captain Falcon this time.

I’ve edited this from Dhragen’s Mega Man and took a couple of times to get it right, mainly because of the positioning on the cap. This resulted in a Protoman that fits Dhragen’s Mega Man way better than the Captain Falcon one.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you:

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Killer, killer! She’s a killer!

Killer, killer! Kille-e-e-e-e-e-eeeer!

Killer Instinct character #3 enters the fray: Black Orchid!
She was sent by a secret organisation to destroy Fulgore 3.
Here’s the pictures taken during her mission. Top seeeeecret! :O

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2 Captain Fail-cons! Wether it’s really fail or not is up to you!

I give you Super Falcon Captain Falcon for those familiar with the F-Zero X Expansion Kit (this must be released on VC IMO!) and Kogarashi for those familiar with Kamen No Maid Guy.

Why fail?

1. Super Falcon didn’t require that much effort.

2. Kogarashi… just see for yourself. If you’re a really dedicated fan who can see past the horrid appearance, you might like it.

Behold the evidence

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It’s Captain Syrup arrgh-ain!

I present to you, my first texture which uses my newly aquired skill: transparencies!

Behold! Captain Maple Syrup, now more accurate than evah!

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Brawl like an Egyptian

From the Netherworld hails an Egyptian God of Death known as Anubis. The anthropomorphic jackal decides to join the Brawl to seek worthy challengers to fight for his own entertainment. But Anubis didn’t come alone… After days of searching, Anubis found the body he was looking for and reunited it with her soul.
Cleopatra and Anubis team up to form Team Egypt. Now that he’s prepared for Free-for-alls and 2-on-2’s, Anubis will show you the true power of Egypt!

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GFs from past and future

Familiar with the comics? Familiar with the Sonic cartoons? Then you may know Sonic’s ex-girlfriend, Sally Acorn.

Not only she joins the fray! Amy Rose, a woman determined to have Sonic to be her sex-slave husband, enters the Brawl!

Be on your toes, Sonic. The women are after you!

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Krazy Taxi!

Not really Crazy Taxi, but it’s Taxi Driver Luigi! He’ll take you around the world, though he prefers to launch you with a blazing uppercut rather than driving you…

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