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Visit the IRC chat. I want to have a discussion with the two of you. Completely unrelated subjects though.

BREAKING NEWS! Phantom Wings invents true custom movesets.

Even though Phoenix Mario is broken, it’s still pretty amazing. I give it 2 days after the program comes out for someone to release a completely accurate Mewtwo moveset. Count on it. Or at least a bad one.
Also, VISIT THE IRC CHAT. You can make discussion about texture hacking and stuff. It’s great! All your favorite SS team members are there. Talk with Androu and BP, and get in an internet war with BigSharkZ! Ask us questions and stuff. SO GO TO THE IRC CHAT. JESUS.
And go to the SCHC too.
And don’t be a school, stay in fool! I think that’s right…

More tunes from Shrike!

Yep, more custom-tailored songs for the enterprising Brawl ISO modder.
This pack includes:

Corrupted Factory
Dark Jungle
Doomsday Zone Remix
Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Remix
Hydrocity Zone Digitized Remix
Lava Reef Zone Remix

If you don’t have an ISO to burn and use these with, just listen to them with Winamp and VGMstream. Remember: songs do not work on SDLoader as of this writing.

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How fitting, this update is posted at night. ALSO ANNOUNCEMENTS

NiGHTS. The other Sega “flagship” series, arguably. The best reason to own a Saturn. The game that never got a sequel, sadly. Stop saying that! It didn’t get a sequel LALALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING. The game Sega fails for not bringing the PS2 remake out of Japan. The game that only has one spoken line, distorted. THERE IS NO NIIIIIGHTS. The game that perfected the feel of flying. NiGHTS did many great things, and now he can do more great things in Brawl. The dream-creature has been transformed into a superfast furry animal for your pleasure today. Enjoy. Now as for those announcements. After the zombie series, Jugg4n4ut will begin work on a second series. And on another front, we are now once again accepting tryouts for Stack Smash. Show us a sample of your work in the comments section and we’ll evaluate you for entry. We need people who are talented, quick at making textures, and enthusiastic. But I knoooooow you want the texture, so hit the jump for NiGHTS.

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No, this update is not about Star Wars. It’s about Pokemon The First Movie. Aka that movie you went to in 7th grade where they were handing out Mewtwo, Dragonite, Electabuzz, and Pikachu cards. You remember. That one. The one with the brainwashed Mewtwo-owned Nurse Joy slave advertising New Island to the many aspiring trainers. The one where Mewtwo started cloning things with weird markings. And that brings us to tonight’s update, a celebration of that corny, nostalgia-packed flick you went to ages ago.

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The incident

Norman Osborne. Many words can describe him. Corrupt. Mad.¬† Greedy. Slime. But he was still just as mortal as the rest of us. Until it happened. Osborne secretly framed the co-founder of his chemical company; Mendel Stromm. Stromm was working on a serum, a serum to give people abilities beyond the normal powers of perception. Such as super-intelligence and strength. After framing Stromm, Osborne was left to his own devices in the chemical plant. He read up on a few of Stromm’s papers and learned about the serum. Naturally, being the outgoing man he is, he decided to put his forces to use replicating it for sale in the military, construction, and many other industries. This was his original intention; however one day his plan literally blew up in his face. He gained green skin, and the aforemented abilities; but it came at the cost of one thing. His sanity. Osborne had been driven bipolar and murderously insane. His other alias decided to take on a new name. The Green Goblin. And so it began.

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The spiky-haired emo hero of dubious sexuality joins the Brawl!

To commemorate this, let’s sing One Winged Angel.

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…What was Miyamoto thinking when he came up with Spirit Tracks?

“This series sucks and is now about trains”

Well, he had been visiting 1chan quite a lot recently. It was only a matter of time.

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TRIPLE UPDATE: The forgotten figurines.

A continuation of S’ Melee series, this features the three Brawl hopefuls Meta-Knight, Dedede, and Wario. You may be thinking that they weren’t in Melee, but you’re wrong, and you need to refresh your memory a little. They were in; as trophies.

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