Some Snoopy Stuff

Snoopy isn’t posting his stuff here for some reason, so I guess I have to do It for him. First he says that all of his previous imports have been updated. Now for his new stuff.

I was too lazy to write a new post on my own so I copied and pasted from his topic on that other site.

“so the reason i haven’t been releasing stuff is because i wanted to get Dixie out next. gotta love how that one worked out. but yeah, this is a 10 character update! oh, and all downloads are in my updared op. yeah, i finally cleaned that up. and the icons double as CSPs.

first, i re-imported Waddle Dee, the ACer, Rosalina, and Dexter with BrawlBox .66 and gave them the once over, so they all have perfect metal and shading and stuff now. Rosalina got the most out of it, as she no longer has shading issues. i also fixed her normals while i was at it. so yeah, last time i should need to update them.

as for new characters, i released Hitmonchan a few weeks ago for the pokemon tournament. pretty standard rig, moving mouth, and all that.

Bomberman is a rig i was going to release, then Star made his and one or two others came out pretty much all at the same time, so i held onto him. i felt like finishing him, so i did, and figured i may as well release him. never hurts to have options for a character. has all the extras, including a hurt face.

the Cucco was going to be for another of the tournaments, but i don’t remember which. but yeah, a cucco with a sword. i figured the Link hat and shield would help him a bit.

Edd is a rig i made while waiting for Dixie (then again, most of these were…). i started messing around with custom models, which is what the telescope and Plank are made of. and i figured he’d go best on Link because Edd would use as many random tools as he had intead of actually fighting. and i wanted to use Plank as a shield.

Klonoa is there because i thought he would fit Sonic really well, which he did. he also has some bone edits so that his ears actually move around a bit. he also has all the faces that Sonic does.

Pacman was specifically requested by Nah, my texturer. he’s been bugging me about it since i started rigging, and i finally gave in. yes i know that Beyond also made one, and i happened to borrow the bones from it (i needed to learn how to make bone edits work somehow), but it’s different model. he also has all the faces Sonic does, and the mouth is rigged to 2 bones for animation purposes (an upper and a lower, for a PSA that Nah will eventually do).

so yeah, sorry for the wait, but Dixie will be out soonish.”

And now for pictures:








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