Can some one make this for me with 3DS MAX?

I need help guys. Can someone make a shape for me and make textures for it as well. Can you also put it in mdlo format so I can open

it up in brawl box please?
I am making a series of Pokemon stages¬† and I am having trouble making a background to the stages. Here’s some previews

The stages are based off the HG/SS elite 4 fighting areas


How ever I am asking for your help because I don’t have access to 3DS max (long story).
So I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask of you guys…..
Could onre of you please make the shape I circled in red in this picture?

A 3D version of course. I heard that this can be made from a tube model in 3ds max but I dont have access to 3ds max.

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