Pokemon B/W Dragon Spiral Palace!

download here:www.mediafire.com/folder/al58ff56n1scw/Draogn_spiral_Palace

AND HERE IT IS! Another stage to go over that awesome Metal Gear Solid stage. These pictures aren’t too good there’s better ones on BrawlVault.




4 Responses to “Pokemon B/W Dragon Spiral Palace!”

  • This is a VERY NICE stage, but just a bit of constructive criticism: the random legendary Pokemon hanging out in the background kinda take away from the feel of the stage. I dunno if I’m the only one that feels this way but I just felt I’d be the one to point it out.

  • Two updates in one day? Awesome!

  • Ahh damn i thought they made it look alot cooler acually but maby i can make another version of the stage where only the first stage has pokemon and ill take out latias and latios and palkia

  • Hold on,acually their not random at all did you read the paragraph under the video links on the hack. i wrote about the history of the stage in brawl vault. It says this is suppost to be Dragon Spiral Tower 500 years in the past. Before it got ruined and that before it got ruined it was a palace (and i quote) “that housed the many dragons of the pokemon world”

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