You know how long it took me to make this hack? Like, two hours! TWO HOURS!

Well, if my cathedral of cutting-edge taste holds no interest for your tragically Canadian sensibilities, then I shall be forced to grant you a swift exit from the premises… and a fast entrance into HELL!

Yeah sure I may not even know who half you people are because you never show up on the IRC chat with your fellow countrymen (hint), and I barely know my way around BrawlBox, but I can make things, people. I’m not the founder for figurehead reasons-well, I am, but still.
Credit is due to some guy who made a “Teenage Ness” hack on BrawlVault, his name escapes me at the moment, and a guy who made a Jeff vertex for Ness which I used for G-Man’s glasses, but the rest of it is my work. I thought Scott was awfully alone in Brawl, so

This is unfinished, the backpack needs to be removed, and his finger vertexes are all funky for some reason. As I know how to do neither of those things, fix it if you want to, and if you do and I see it I’ll upload it and credit you.

Also, hey, I made a custom Coin Launcher because the other ones are extremely retarded. This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me. < Gideon "G-Man" Graves < Customized Coin Launcher

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