I Quit

This is my official retirement. I had an amazing run here, this was amazing, this was incredible, I had so much fun here, this was a great experience in my life, and I have a lot of appreciation for everyone who supported me over the years. I gotta thank Stack Smash for taking a chance on a rabid fan with minimal hacking skills all those years ago. I’ll remember It like It was last Thursday. I gotta thank the fans, and the huge fan base that I’ve built up over the years. You guys mean everything to me, I wouldn’t have been able to do all the amazing things I’ve done without you. Thank you, you’ve all been so amazing, I’m done. Farewell.

No, you know what? Fuck that, I do have a new hack to show today. I know It doesn’t make any sense, but I love this stage. Behold!

“What’s different about the stage?” You might be asking.


“Oh. You made a nighttime version of Rumble Falls.” No.


I made Rumble Falls in outer space!


I know It’s impossible for there to be a jungle in outer space, but I still love this idea.


I wanted this to be more than just a background swap, but I had no ideas for a texture hack. So feel free to re-texture this If you want.



9 Responses to “I Quit”

  • But you’re like the most active member here who still posts. Now we’re gonna go back to getting one hack per month.

    Well, it was a good run. Have fun.

  • WTF? you cant quit man! not when your still on top! you gatta atleast wait till 2012 december 21 and see if the world ends before you quit.

  • D:
    bye and enjoy life

  • It’s been awesome PAVGN, i’ve been following you since you’ve been on ESH and I’ve not once been unimpressed with your content. Anyhow you will be missed… a lot. Farewell, and have an awesome life!

  • Oh man, I only lurk stacksmash, but I’ll definitely miss you.

  • Lol.
    Did anyone read what was underneath the first paragraph?

    He cleary says “Fuck that” to what he previously said.

  • i thought he ment “fuck that ” as in fuck that im ganna do a hack before i leave not fuck that to the hole paragrapg before

  • Goodbye PAVGN! Now who will spend hours of his time painstakingly rendering nipples onto the Brawl roster?

  • So your leaving your site now? Or you were just joking? Either way, my time is very short, so good luck with whatever decision you make in the future

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