MeleeMaster500’s 2 Year Hiatus

Preview of pack

I’m going to be leaving the smashbros scene soon for a whole 2 years (until fall of 2013) in a few days. I may return afterwards or the scene may die out or I might not feel the need to return at all. As such, I’m posting all my unfinished work in its entirety. I know I haven’t been working much on anything for a while, but there’s never enough time for everything. I’ve enjoyed everything that’s happened on the scene, learned a lot, developed talents, and seen many great individuals. I hope to be back into the scene afterwards, but who knows.

Feel free to remove me from the team or whatever. As for the unfinished work i’m giving out today, feel free to release those as well, hopefully finished or improved if possible. Works range from the beginning of ASH until today, so many things may appear very unfinished or of beginner quality, but it’s everything.





  • -Farfetch’d Metaknight: (need finished model/texture and technical stuff working)
  • -Gruntilda dedede revamp: (need finished model/texture)
  • -Ugger waddle dees (in grunty folder): (need ability to export)
  • -Doughnutman ike: (need finished model and disabled face)
  • -sonic unleashed scream face:(need finished model and disabled face)
  • -jiggs and kirby UV fix: (impossible with current method)
  • -Banjo olimar: (need finished model/texture)
  • -Manfred von Karma ganondorf: (need finished model/texture)
  • -MK Raiden jiggs: (finished but wanted to improve)
  • -blood mod: (impossible by code loading)
  • -Phoenix wright, ace pokemon trainer:(need finished model/texture)
  • -Strongbad zone head:(need finished model/texture)
  • -Spiderman sheik: (abandoned, determined unneccesary)
  • -King Leonidas ganondorf: (need finished model/texture)
  • -Ike. M. Meen: (needed UV edit)
  • -Blanka DK:(need finished texture)
  • -sean connery snake: (barely anything)
  • -Otacon snake: (barely anything)
  • -Doctor mario PSA: (info only, file is unavailable)
  • ideas planned to start
  • and finally, old texture ideas

7 Responses to “MeleeMaster500’s 2 Year Hiatus”

  • Interesting stuff here. It really shows your talent as a Smash Hacker, even if it was already apparent.

    Great note to close on, too. Best of luck!

    And yeah, good luck have fun with whatever you’re doing dude, though this probably doesn’t really mean much coming from some random anondude.

  • Yo Pik! Long time no talk! Get on Skype some time so we can catch up.

    And yes, Raidenpuff is finally mine!! By the way MeleeMaster500, If you’re still around, do you think you could be more specific with what needs to be fixed? For example you say I. M. Meen needs UV editing, but what needs to be UV edited? Also, not that you need to tell us, but why are you going to be gone for two years?

  • ahh dang everybody is leaving

  • Inside the pack is a masterlist that goes more in-depth for everything. I tell what needs to be finished and why each project was scrapped or unfinished. As for meen ike, I explain that Ike’s face has a horrible uv map, which was impossible to even figure out with previous methods. I planned eventually to fix up his Uv map (so a line across his face would really by horizontal). It actually isn’t hard to fix but I never did. Meen was just an experiment to understand Ike, which I dropped after the uv turned out to be insane.

    As for my reason for leaving, I’ll keep that to myself. It doesn’t have anything to do with conflict or a decision to move on or anything, I just won’t be available at all for some time. I plan to come back, and if I do, my stuff will be just as good if not better.

  • I would like to point out that the blood mod does work. It’s just that the edited effects are difficult to notice/there’s not too many things that cause the effects to appear.

  • well then, I meant to at least make every effect red, and go from there. I suppose I had not found every part to edit, or a way to edit every part how I’d like.

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