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  • Click a column’s header to list in alphabetical order for that column. It takes a few seconds (and actually usually doesn’t work).
  • If there’s no download link, it probably means the file hasn’t been uploaded. Be patient, or yell about it, whatever.
  • This is how the filenames “work” if you care:  “<name of mod> (<base’s name> – <number of original model>)”. Example: “Tartarus (Chaos’s Shrine – Model 412)”. That should help.


Name Character Creator Download
RDF’s Squall Squall Androu1 No download
Green OK Onion Knight Leon Download
Manly Sephiroth Sephiroth Leon Download
Squally Squall Leon Download


Name Stage Creator Download
Tartarus (Thebel) Chaos’s Shrine Androu1 Download

How to use:


  • A modded PSP (as in, can run ISOs)
  • A backup (ISO) of Dissidia Final Fantasy
  • Dissidia Suite by SkyBladeCloud, you can get it over here.


  1. Copy the ISO of Dissidia that you want to modify to the same folder in which you have the Dissidia Suite. The same one in which the Dissidia Suite.exe is
  2. In the Dissidia Suite’s “Visuals Extraction and Preview” tab, in the GMO Ripping section , select your Dissidia ISO. Then select the destination to which the GMOs will be extracted and then click extract GMOs
  3. Now, go to the “Reinsertion” tab. In the “Reinsert GMO in ISO” section, select your ISO and the .GMO (the mod) you want to insert into the ISO.
  4. Click on “View LOG for this file” and look for the number of the mod you want to add. As I explained in the information section, this is in the filename. For example: “Tartarus (Chaos’s Shrine – Model 412)
  5. Copy the numbers right below “Position of Extracted Model XXX”. For example: Model 412 is “1169971200” for me (unmodified USA version, probably differs from other versions)
  6. Now back to the Dissidia Suite itself and paste the numbers in the “Position to insert” box.
  7. Done! Now go enjoy it.

For more info,  you should read this topic, as it also provides instructions even tho they are more along the lines of making your own stuff instead.

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  • please send me a list of sites or links where i can find a LARGE collection of Mods…. even stage mods or whatever i don’t care pweety please ::3

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