Ah… Fancy meeting you here, Princess.

Remember me?

Yup, Anthony Higgs, remastered from his crappy first version, when I had only the trailer for references to make the Galactic Federation suit. Then more pics got released and I finally could redo this texture.

While it’s not perfect, it has a lot of detail put into it. Some things like his backside and his straps have parts that I were going to change later, but didn’t feel like redoing, and they don’t make much of a difference. Anyway, it was a real pain to stream the texture across, sometimes, up to 7 different locations in his textures

Btw, this was going to also be a semi vertex hack, to remove his some of his buckles and pouches, move his holster and other pouches, and vertex a giant railgun out of his back… but my 64bit machine doesnt like me, and I couldnt do anything more than remove his headband strap.

And to make up for my lack of vertexing, today’s winner will receive the gift of alternate faces: now available in all 6 food groups, Serious, Happy, Adam Malkovich, Galactic Federation Soldier (with mask on), Snake, and Samus (I’m SO sorry…).

If you want any of the other GF troops, simply make Adam pale for Lyle, or draw a pedophile mustache on Adam for James Pierce.

Happy Higgs:www.megaupload.com/?d=43ZIP1HS
Samus (CANNOT BE UNSEEN):www.megaupload.com/?d=F99OHIZO

17 Responses to “Ah… Fancy meeting you here, Princess.”

  • que vergas,te pasaste esta vez meleemaster, muy buen trabajo te felicito!

  • Samus Snake looks like Raiden.

  • Samus snake needs b00bz.

  • I agree with NecroMaster, the face on her needs work too. But everything else looks really good.

  • @SS
    I never thought someone would agree with me if I said snake needed b00bz.

  • trust me, unless you vertex hack Snake, ANY female texture on him looks awful.

    I’ve tried mapping Samus’ face several ways, finally settling on her young face from other M, but nothing looks good… besides, any face besides Anthony’s was kinda second thought, and definitely not as high as quality.

    So if you REALLY want a Samus Snake, don’t look at me to make it.

  • Yeah! Now this is what I call an awesome update. Not only is this a revamp of an already awesome hack, There are multiple versions of It being made available.

  • Meleemaster500……………….
    So, just a question, but were you ever a member of a web forum named nsider2? (Other members of SS, go check it out)

  • This hack is the shit. Love the Snake one, excellent idea.

    The Samus version shouldn’t exist though…

  • On another note, this Adam dude sorts of reminds me of Frank West

  • Ah… My favorite Snake texture gets a revamp, very nice work, he looks better then he did. 🙂

  • [quote]Androu1
    July 28, 2010 at 03:52
    Samus Snake looks like Raiden.[/quote]

    Could this be a start? Using the base of that Samus Snake for a possible Raiden texture/vertex? =P

  • I can not unsee that “Samus”

  • (This isn’t related to the texture)
    Hey guys, Itsa me. Some of you might remember me. I used to be a giant SSBB hack fan. I think I stopped around that time SS went down for a few weeks. Anyways, how much have we progressed in model hacking? For example, can we only do simple stuff, like, if we were to make Mario look like he had no gloves, we could make it so it doesn’t look like a new layer, or have we gotten to the point where someone could, for example, take the model of Metagross from it’s trophy and implant it into the game as a playable character? Or somewhere in between?

  • t3h mastur cheif culd whop hes ass anitiem and u shuld getz a lief and stert plehing haylos

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